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Saturday, August 11, 2018

This Week
I Shall Mostly Be Reviewing...

Imagine living in a post apocalyptic world where nobody has ever touched another person. Never felt the wind in their hair or felt the warmth of the sun on their face. Imagine living in a sterile, computer controlled environment where everything you do is controlled by a schedule, and your only interaction with others is via a sophisticated TV screen.

How on earth is boy supposed to meet girl, fall in love and live happily ever after?

That’s the conundrum facing Jerome Cooper. For as he soon discovers, love finds a way. . . .

If you enjoy snacking on shorter reads, you really need to tuck into a slice of Reality Sandwich. It'll tickle your post-apocalyptic urban fantasy taste buds in just the right way. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am sure YOU will too.

I Kill Giants is an American comic book limited series published by Image Comics in 2008, featuring Barbara Thorson, a young girl struggling with the pressures in life by escaping into a fantasy world of magic and monsters.

I’ve got to say, I caught a trailer for this and was hooked. Barbara is obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons and keeping the town safe from what she believes are evil outside forces. Needless to say, she doesn’t have a lot of friends and is so geeky, she’s something of a social misfit who’s convinced only she can protect the townsfolk from harm by wielding a mythical hammer. 
(Get the ‘Thor-son’ reference now?)

Fantasy aspect apart, as the film progresses, you see she’s an incredibly loyal and brave little soul who rarely lets her guard down. Not surprising when you see what she has to contend with in the ‘real world.’

In a nutshell, I Kill Giants is a strange, compelling and darkly beautiful tale, and while it was made for youngsters, I’m sure the film will prove essential viewing for rundown world-weary adults who need to escape from their own realities every now and again.
Go on . . . treat yourself to something quirky J

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