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Saturday, August 4, 2018

The IX Series

Have YOU availed yourself of the critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling IX Series?

The Story so far:

The IX

Roman legionaries, far from home, lost in the mists of Caledonia.

A US cavalry company, engaged on a special mission, vital to the peace treaty proposed by Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln.

A twenty-first century Special Forces unit, desperate to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

From vastly different backgrounds, these soldiers are united when they are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing. Thinking they may have been granted a reprieve, imagine their horror when they discover they have been transported to a failing planet on the far side of the galaxy, where they are given a simple ultimatum. Fight or die. Against all odds, this group of misfits manages to turn the tide against a relentless foe, only to discover the true cost of victory might exact a price they are unwilling to pay.

How far would you be willing to go to stay alive?

The IX. 

Sometimes, death is only the beginning of the adventure.

Exordium of Tears

Fight or die.

A brutal tenet by which the refugees from Earth - including the lost 9th Legion of Rome, the 5th Company, 2nd Mounted Rifles, and the British Special Forces anti-terrorist team - were forced to endure while the Horde menace existed.

Thinking that the threat is over, the survivors long to settle down and reclaim the lives stolen from them. However, such aspirations remain beyond their reach, for a shadow looms on the rose-tinted horizon of new beginnings that not only threatens the future of Areden, but the universe too.

Worlds are torn asunder. Suns destroyed. Star systems obliterated.

Yes, tragedy is forged anew un a universe spanning conflict which proves once again that. . .

Death is just the beginning of the adventure.

Prelude to Sorrow

For the People of Earth & Arden

The task force dispatched from Arden to eradicate the Horde menace failed, and for those few left alive, the tenet by which they have survived for so long resounds as never before. . .

Fight or Die!

Now marooned, out of time and out of place, the survivors lick their wounds and struggle to recover while the Horde gather their strength for a final strike that will change the course of history forever. The fate of the galaxy – and more – hangs in the balance.
But fate, it seems, isn’t done with the Ninth, and our heroes find themselves forced to mount a last-ditch attempt to end the threat once and for all.

Will the darkness be vanquished, or will our heroes’ efforts finally signal the beginning of the end of their adventure?

Find out in – Prelude to Sorrow – the stunning conclusion to the IX saga.

The IX Series

Military science fiction as it should be!

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