Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rage of Augustus - Book 1 of the Cambion Journals

New Review
Posted November 14, 2014

OMG - this is an amazing book - well done - I could not put it d

OMG - this is an amazing book - well done - I could not put it down.  Not one for the children - definitely adult material - will never see demons in the same way again.  Gripped by 2nd chapter - action, sex, lust, power, love, you can certainly feel the rage of Augustus.
This is a must for all supernatural lovers - its something altogether different!
Born a Cambion-half-demon, half-human-and cursed with a terrible hunger he can barely control, Augustus Thorne spends his long and lonely life hunting and exterminating any Incubi and Succubae he can find. But no matter how many he destroys, he can always find room for one more. Especially if it's the foul scum who raped his mother, Augustus's own father, Fanon.
Driven by rage, his quest leads Augustus through the centuries and around the world until fate suddenly hands him his heart's desire.
But things are not as they appear and the revelations Augustus uncovers are mind boggling. When he finally corners his father in London, events take an unexpected twist.
Is revenge served upon a bed of scalding rage?
Find out for yourselves in this intensely personal tale of what its like to walk that fine line between light and dark, when YOU are the very personification of evil.