Friday, September 8, 2017

In Memoriam: 

Jerry Pournelle
(b.1933) died on September 8.

I only ever communicated briefly with Jerry prior to his death after the guys over at Black Gate Fantasy compared The IX – to “King David’s Spaceship” – an honor I’ll never forget, as I’d read some of Jerry’s work growing up and knew him to be something of a legend in sci-fi circles.
Think of some of his achievements for a moment: the long running A Spaceship for the King series; The Mote in God’s Eye; Inferno; Lucifer’s Hammer, to name a few.
He was a John W. Campbell Award – Prometheus Award – Seiun Award and Heinlein Society Award winner for all sorts of contributions during his lifetime.
Although by the time we spoke Jerry was in poor health, I found him a charming and witty man who was only too ready to offer an aspiring author the benefits of his wisdom, (One of only several legends who have freely done so).
Though he’s no longer with us, his legacy lives on.

If you’re in mind to treat yourself, try and get your handsome of his work. You won’t regret it.