Friday, January 19, 2018

Forthcoming Cover Reveal
The IX Series

It's not often a forthcoming release brings with it a tinge of sadness.
This one does because its a series I will be sorry to see come to rest.

The journey started a couple of years back with The IX, a debut novel for Perseid Press introducing us to an alternative rendering of what might have happened to the lost 9th Legion of Rome after they marched into the swirling mists of Caledonia around 100 AD.

Their story, and that of their fellow protagonists - (A 19th-century US Cavalry contingent sent on a secret mission by presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, and a team of near-future anti-terrorist commandos) - continued in Exordium of Tears, a bitter tale of courage in the face of great adversity and personal loss.

And soon, their journey comes full circle in
Prelude to Sorrow

But will the adventure come to an end?
Does death finally claim a victory?
Will our heroes ever see home again?
What becomes of Arden?

Ah, for that you'll have to wait a few more months.

In the meantime - stay tuned until the end of the January when the template for the latest cover is revealed on the IX's very own blog. 

If you hear the call - buy links are incorporated within the right hand side bar.
Until then, keep your eyes peeled. 

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