Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have You Met the Triton?

Being ex military, one of the duties I used to have to perform involved diving.
Now, as any diver will tell you, the training you have to undergo to qualify is as involved as it is lengthy.
Not only that, once you're trained, you then face the prospect of having to operate whilst managing a whole load of equipment AND cumbersome oxygen respirators.
But - not any more.
A South Korean designer, Jaebyun Yeon, has invented an ingenious device that will make cumbersome diving a thing of the past.
It's called...TRITON.
TRITON operates on the basis of what is termed - an artificial gill system.
First of all, it will extract oxygen from the water through a filter. Those filters come in the form of fine threads with holes which have been designed - specifically - to be smaller than an actual water molecule. Very clever!
Then, using a tiny, but powerful micro possessor, the TRITON compresses oxygen and stores it within a special storage tank.
When the wearer bites down, hey presto! breathable oxygen.
Simple and effective.
If you want to find out more - follow this link to My Science Academy: