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Pitch Tour - June

Hi everyone - watch out for the following dates throughout June when I shall be taking part in a number of interviews, arranged through - "Sizzling PR"

Tour: Fairy Tail by Andrew P. Weston

5 – Interview @ You Gotta Read
6 – Interview @ Books-n-Kisses
7 – Interview @ Book Travles
13 – Interview @ Kacey Hammell
14 – Spotlight@ Storm Goddess Book Reviews
21 – Interview & Giveaway @ Fictional Candy
25 – Guest Blog @ Picked by Poison

I look forward to highlighting each interview as they happen and hope you enjoy them.

See you soon

Andrew P Weston

Friday, May 25, 2012

So - What's Happening Now?

Well, the truth is - once all the hype dies down, you get used to the everyday "real-life" routine of an author.

What books/stories are currently out? In my case - "Fairy Tail"

What promotions are taking place? - the following link will highlight a forthcoming tour -

The tour has been arranged by one of the Co-Owners of Ruby Lioness Press - Marissa Dobson and I will be doing little "spots" & interviews on different blogs throughout June, starting on June 5th!
(Stop by and take a look).

I'm also glad to say I've just received my own Kindle - so I will be getting some copies for little prizes here and there.

What books/stories are due in 2012? In my case, "Guardian Angels" & "Love Bite"

What promotions are taking place? - In addition to the usual promotions and interviews running through Ruby Lioness Press, there will be a number of releases and promotional entries in the September, October, November & December editions of Police Magazine (Nationwide)(and the online version)

 Also in Firefighter Nation (Nationwide)(and the online version) for Guardian Angels in particular.

Obviously, when you set these things up, you discover how much work goes into preparing interviews / meet the author etc etc, and it's very time consuming.

In addition to all that, I will soon be entering the editing phase for Guardian Angels and Love Bite - so - that takes up even more time.
Why am I mentioning TIME so much?

Well, if you remember from a previous blog, I have a deadline I'm working towards for the first book of a new trilogy - Book 1 of the Cambion Journals - The Rage of Augustus.
That book is due for submission in December 2012.
Sounds a long way off?
Well, as more experienced authors and editors will tell you, that's not long at all, especially with promotions, tours, advertising AND EDITS queuing up, one after the other....
And - it's not just a question of "finishing" the first draft either.
You have to read through it again, and re-draft it.
Then you polish it, so it's close to what you want.
Then you have it proof read.
Then you tweak it again!
THEN you send it to your Publisher...
And don't forget...
I'm also pottering along with "Fairy Tails" the sequel to my first release...AND, there's "Fallen Angels", book 3 of the Guardian Series! (Although with that one, I'm very fortunate. Book 2 is in with Ruby Lioness Press already, so it gives me time to put it on a back burner until after the initial Cambion book is completed.)

So - what's happening now?
As you can see - quite a lot! (And you still get the sense your "waiting" for something to happen!) ha ha - seriously! - ask any other author, they'll tell you the same...
I like to think of my life as a cocktail at the moment.
1 part excitement - 2 parts anticipation - 3 parts frustration - 4 parts rushing around getting umpteen background things done when it all starts - Shake well, then add 10 parts coffee (with a dash of alcohol on particularly frustrating days) and knock it back in one...ta-dah!

Next time...(And this is one for aspiring authors in particular).
The joys of editing (And why you know anyone who wants to be an editor must have escaped from an asylum).......YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE....... Oh yes!... stay tuned....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here's A Great Opportunity to Become an Author!

If you're looking for an opportunity to make your dream come true, why not submit to one of these anthologies?
Give it a try - who knows - it may change your life!

Ruby Lioness Press's notes


    Military Romance
    Ruby Lioness Press is currently looking for military romance novella submissions to be released around Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2012).
    Any heat level is welcome, including Menage and GLBT. Stories must be romance with a HEA or Happy-for-now ending.

    Stories should be:
    •3,000-15,000 words
    •Times New Roman
    •12pt Type
    •Double Spaced
    •.doc or .rtf format

    Please send submissions to on or before August 31st, 2012.


Halloween 2012 Anthology - BeWitched

Ruby Lioness Press is currently looking for submissions for its Halloween Anthology, BeWitched.

We are looking for urban fantasy and paranormal stories for this anthology. The only other requirement is that your story must contain some sort of magic user.
If including romance or other "adult encounters," any heat level is welcome (including Menage and GLBT).

Stories should be:

  • 5,000-15,000 words
  • Times New Roman
  • 12pt Type
  • Double Space
  • .doc or .rtf format

Please send submissions to on or before July 31st, 2012.

Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Pipeline

So, what can you expect to see from me over the coming months and next few years?

To make things simpler, I'll group my projects together into themes.

The Guardian Series - epic sci-fi/fantasy.

Book 1. Guardian Angels - is due for release August 2012, courtesy of Ruby Lioness press.

Book 2. Guardians - is safely with Ruby Lioness Press. (Watch this Space!)

Book 3. Fallen Angels - Is under construction, (slow time) to give the Publishers time to plan schedules and assess the timely release of the series as a whole.(IF my applications are successful) 
(And also to allow me time to complete other projects)

Book 4. Phoenix Rising
Book 5. Phoenix
Book 6. Unification
Rough planning in progress to ensure a solid journey towards the resolution I envisaged when I developed the concept all those years ago.

Love Bite - Paranormal Thriller. (Short Story)

Part of a forthcoming Ruby Lioness Press "Halloween Anthology" due for release in 2012.

Cambion Journals Series - Paranormal Fantasy Thriller

Book 1. The Rage of Augustus - concept provisionally accepted by Ruby Lioness Press. Due for completion December 2012. (Watch this Space) - I'm quite excited about this new series. Thanks to RLP - again - for encouraging me to submit the pitch.

Book 2. The Kiss of a Succubus - Formatting in progress
Book 3. Embrace of the Incubus - Formatting in Progress
(What do you think of the Cambion Journals Logo I recently created?) Ooooh - I know! ha ha

Fairy Tails - Erotic Paranormal Thriller. (Short Story)

The sequel to my first release. I'm taking my time with this as I want to ensure I capture the same gritty pace, blunt, down to earth humor and steamy 'alternative' scenes.
I love getting into the mood of this project - a small piece at a time. I treat it a 'stress relieving escape' to a reality I'd love to be in...
I know - I need therapy. hee hee.

Bits & Bob's

I'm busy enough - but that doesnt stop me putting together ideas for other short stories. I cant help it.

For example, I was watching the the History Channel on Discovery only last month, and a story came up about the Lost Legion of Rome, the 9th, who vanished in the borderlands of Northern England & Scotland around the year 117AD.
That Legion has been the source subject of a few films, The Eagle and Centurion, as even now, no one knows what happened to them...
And they never will, until you get to see the Steam Punk/Time Travel concept I'm developing to explain where they went - and why! (watch this space)

On top of that - I'm keeping a look out for a few Themed Anthologies that might come our way, as well as trying my hand at a few (slow time) short stories in other 'newer' genres to help me continue developing as a writer - (Although, if they are successful, I will write under a pen name to keep my 'name' firmly linked to what I want to become known for)...

Thats about it for now. Enough to keep me busy eh?
Next time - What's going on in my life 'NOW'?

See you then.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


SSBookFanatics: AUTHOR : ANDREW P WESTON - BOOK PROMO: FAIRY TAIL by Andrew P Weston BOOK BLURB For the third year running, a ritualistic serial killer has struck again in the week lea...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Publishers Can Be Good for You

Hi Everyone - As I mentioned last time, I'm going to talk about how - IF you have good publishers - they will help you develop as an author.

Remember, my 1st work - the one I spent months and months putting together, adjusting, refining, tweaking, etc etc was in fact Guardian Angels....Book 1 of the Guardian Series.

When I'd completed that work and was looking for a publisher, I got on with the 2nd book of the series, "Guardians" and had virtually completed it when I found Ruby Lioness Press.

What I discovered was quite amazing - and not every publishing house does what they do.

From time to time they have a Call for Submissions - NOT just advertising the fact, "Oh Hi, we're open for you to send it your manuscripts". No, every publishing house does that.
What I liked was the fact that - Ruby Lioness Press - have regular calls for THEMED Anthologies.
For example:
If you look on Facebook or the Ruby Lioness Press site under notes - you will see - this year alone - they have had the following calls for short stories:

Love Again - Valentines Anthology
Love Down Under - Spicy Spring Anthology
Under the Mistletoe - Christmas 2012 Anthology
Melting Hearts - Clearwater Anthology - (eg, all stories are set 'in' Clearwater)
Bewitched - Halloween Anthology

Although these calls are open to everyone, Ruby Lioness Press have their own Authors Group - a very closeknit support network. The owners, Angie and Marissa call it - "The Pride".
Through the group, they actually encouage us to "go for it", to try something outside our normal comfort zone.
Me? I'm very comfortable about coming up with anything Sci-fi/Fantasy. But outside that?? Let's just say - it increases my "pucker factor". (some of you will get that!)

Now, each of these are open to different genres. As a new author I thought, "Oh, I like the idea of that Halloween one" and had a go. The result was, in fact, Fairy Tail. A Paranormal (erotic) thriller.

Now you might think, - "well done"! But hang on a second.
Remember, I'm a new author and I'm still trying to find my feet, trying to understand what the Publisher wants.
With Fairy Tail, I got the balance slightly wrong. They were looking for a certain 'mood' or 'feeling' for the anthology, and Fairy Tail is - how can I say - very 'Gritty'. Its got quite a punch! And its mood didnt fit what they were looking for.
However, although it wasnt suitable for inclusion within the anthology, I was very kindly offered a contract to release it as a stand alone short story.
Wow! - So my third attempt at writing, ended up being my FIRST published work!
And for the discerning reader, its now available on Amazon!
Okay - I thought - right, I'll have another go then! I adjusted my perspective, and submitted another short story - "Love Bite" for consideration. A Paranormal Thriller.
I'm pleased to say, that story looks as if it will be included within the anthology. (Thankyou Angie/Marissa).
Now - think about how good that will be for me as a new author.

My first - and - how I think of them "main" projects, relate to the Guardian Series. Guardian Angels is not due for release until August 2012.
I have alot of advertising in place for that series. It's prepared - ready to go - and I'm quite comfortable about how it should be received.
BUT - I'm still new.
So, by taking part in these other anthologies - it's not only helping me to "think" in other ways - to create stories I wouldn't normally have considered, but - its promoting me to a different reading group too!
For example.
Fairy Tail is being advertised through various other sites and PR sites
During June 2012, there are a number of events taking place organised by Marissa Dobson, Co owner of Ruby Lioness Press, and owner of Sizzling PR . com
Readers of other genres will not only be made aware of Fairy Tail, but obviously, looking at my site - they will discover the Guardians.
When the Bewitched Anthology is released - little old me (a new author) will be in amongst some very well known established authors! Their readers will discover "me" through Love Bite... Do you see? It will attract other readers to my stories who I would otherwise have missed.

So, as you can see, just from this little example - a good publisher like Ruby Lioness Press will help you develop as a writer, and help you get promoted in ways you hadn't dreamed of.

Thank you!

So, what eles have I been encouraged to do?
What else is in the pipeline?
Thats for next time - see you then...

Hello everyone - please find below some new releases from Lacey Wolfe.
Lacey is one of the Authors I know from Ruby Lioness Press and was in fact my editor for "Fairy Tail"...
For quality stories in a different genre to mine - take a look at her new releases...


HOT New Reads!

I have two new hot releases! Tempting The Manny, an erotic novella, and Sarah's Chase, a short story that is a cougar/bdsm theme. I also have another release due out next week, Finding Home, and this will be my first release away from the erotic genre. I am very excited about this one also.

And If you love my Hot Bods series, the third book, Accidental Love, will be available June 18. This one will be Jane's story. I am actively working on the last one, Opposites Attract. This will be Francesca's story.

Thank you so much to my readers for all the wonderful feedback. Without you, this wouldn't be as rewarding.

Tempting The Manny

When Olivia hires a sitter for her kids, she gets more then she expected.

Blurb and Excerpt

Buy Links
Amazon / Nook / AllRomance / Secret Cravings / Bookstrand

Sarah's Chase

Sarah needs some love, and she enlists some help from a much younger man.
(*BDSM theme)

Blurb and Excerpt

Amazon (part of the KDP...only on amazon for 90 days)

Lacey Wolfe

~A little dash of sweet with a whole lot of spice.~

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