Sunday, February 28, 2016

The World of the IX Series

Fans of The IX and Exordium of Tears might not be aware of the fact that the Series has its own specially devoted blog page. By checking in each week, you'll discover things like:

Where the concept for The IX came from in the first place.

How the world of Arden and its people evolved.

What the planet and its cities look like.

My thinking process regarding the creation of the soul-sucking Horde.

And just this past week,
How the idea of the Avenger Class Dreadnought Shadow of Autumn took shape in my mind.

I added this feature as I hope to increase your enjoyment in any way 
I can. I hope it works. 

If you didn't realize it was there - just press The World of the IX link at the top of the page under the banner.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Exordium of Tears

Exordium of Tears has been out for a week now and has started to attract its first reviews. Here’s a little dip into what people are saying:


“...Exordium of Tears is impeccably written and edited. For serious readers who love being taken away, educated, and entertained in brilliant style, this is choice reading...”

“...This is a book filled with action, written by the talented author Andrew P. Weston. If you haven’t read anything by him yet, I strongly suggest you do so. His writing is beautiful, descriptive, and powerful...”

“...This was a historical sci-fi that kept me on the edge of my seat!

“...I just adore the way that Weston manages to combine historical elements with science fiction and fantasy. This book is no exception and is as brilliant and inspired as the previous. Any reader who has already discovered Weston's series, will absolutely love this and for new readers it is a great opportunity to delve into this series...”

“...if you like historical sci-fi, you can't miss this one! Author Andrew Weston has done it again with this page-turning novel. Highly recommend and looking forward to Book three!


If that wasn’t good enough, the excellent team across at Black Gate Fantasy were kind enough to advertise Exordium’s release on their site:

High praise indeed.

(And can I take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to all the folks there). 
Much appreciated.

And finally, to those of you who might be interesting in delving deeper into the world of the Ninth Legion and the Horde, there’s a forthcoming booktour in March.

Details here:

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Exordium of Tears
The Horde Strike Back!

Well, its been an amazing opening day for Exordium of Tears:
Straight into the Amazon charts - peaking at #22.
And the sequel to the international bestseller - The IX - is already beginning to register on Goodreads, entering the top 10 in no less than 3 categories.

I felt it only appropriate to say "Thank You" to all the fans of the 9th Legion for such a wonderful response. Your support is much appreciated, and only spurs me on to greater efforts.

If you haven't got your copy yet - you know what to do:

The link is in the sidebar (Just press on the book cover)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Horde are Unleashed
Exordium of Tears

In the classic sci-fi Film, “Blade Runner”, the main antagonist – Roy Batty – played by the awesome Rutger Hauer utters the immortal line:

“I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe...”

Well believe me when I say, this is an opinion shared by the protagonists in the long anticipated sequel to The IX - Exordium of Tears - Detailing the exploits of our heroes who once again find themselves thrown into a crucible of epic proportions. 

Having faced the Horde before, you might think they’re well prepared to handle just about anything?
But take note...
These are not the Horde of old.
Oh no. Instead, the Ninth must journey to face the very epitome of evil at its birthplace, for the conflict that awaits them is fomented by a Queen, desperate to preserve the integrity of her race, and more than capable of unleashing hell in nightmare form.

You might also remember this immortal line:

“It’s quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it?”

Tomorrow, you’ll discover exactly what that means as you join our heroes on their descent into kiln of battle. And make no mistake...This battle might be their last!
February 14th 2016
There’s no love lost between mankind’s greatest enemy and the Horde.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why Consider The IX Series

With the release of Exordium of Tears only a week away, I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of the comments made by recent reviewers for The IX itself. Even better, they're presented in brief bullet-points.

Why should you consider the IX Series?
Just take a look:
A book you need to read - Highly recommended - A stunning effort

A fantastic idea of combining the historical and the modern

A phenomenal read -  Excellent concept and gripping story - Compelling

A stunning book you will struggle to put down

A compelling book I recommend to fans of fantasy and science fiction genre
Here's the blurb for Exordium

Fight or die.
That simple yet brutal reality is the tenet by which the refugees from Earth – including the fabled lost 9th Legion of Rome; the 5th Company, 2nd Mounted Cavalry Unit; and the Special Forces Anti-Terrorist Team – were forced to live by while the Horde menace existed. Believing that the threat is over, the survivors now yearn to settle down, start families, and reclaim the lives stolen from them. But such aspirations might remain beyond their reach, for a shadow looms on the rose-tinted horizon of new beginnings.

The release of the re-genesis matrix has done much to foster a restoration of exuberance across Arden. Along with a resurgence in floral and faunal diversity comes the results of splicing the Ardenese and human genomes: transmutation. A metamorphosis of stunning magnitude that not only affects the living, but those still is stasis as well. Recognizing the emergence of a new hybrid species, the Architect – the arcane AI construct tasked with the preservation of the Ardenese race – responds by unlocking previously hidden and inaccessible areas of the city. It also releases an archive of sealed state secrets. Such revelations are eagerly perused, whereupon a shocking discovery is made. Prior to the fall, it was common knowledge amongst the Senatum (the highest levels of Arden’s government) that not all the rabid Horde had joined in the rampage across the stars toward Arden.

Realizing that the peril still exists, the newly reformed administration elects to respond in earnest. Existing resources are utilized, suitable candidates are chosen, and a flotilla of ships is sent out to secure, quarantine, and reclaim the outer colonies. A mammoth and hazardous undertaking. And nowhere more so than at the planet from where the outbreak was known to have originated – Exordium – for there, the ancient Horde are not only supremely evolved and highly organized, but are capable of a level of lethal sophistication, the likes of which has never been witnessed before.

It is into this kiln of incendiary potential that the cream of Arden’s fighting forces is deployed.
Worlds are torn asunder, suns destroyed, and star systems obliterated. Yes, tragedy is forged, in a universe spanning conflict which proves once again that…

Death is only the beginning of the adventure.
So there you go.
Interested? You know what to do.

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Buy-Links are in the sidebar