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Friday, May 25, 2012

So - What's Happening Now?

Well, the truth is - once all the hype dies down, you get used to the everyday "real-life" routine of an author.

What books/stories are currently out? In my case - "Fairy Tail"

What promotions are taking place? - the following link will highlight a forthcoming tour -

The tour has been arranged by one of the Co-Owners of Ruby Lioness Press - Marissa Dobson and I will be doing little "spots" & interviews on different blogs throughout June, starting on June 5th!
(Stop by and take a look).

I'm also glad to say I've just received my own Kindle - so I will be getting some copies for little prizes here and there.

What books/stories are due in 2012? In my case, "Guardian Angels" & "Love Bite"

What promotions are taking place? - In addition to the usual promotions and interviews running through Ruby Lioness Press, there will be a number of releases and promotional entries in the September, October, November & December editions of Police Magazine (Nationwide)(and the online version)

 Also in Firefighter Nation (Nationwide)(and the online version) for Guardian Angels in particular.

Obviously, when you set these things up, you discover how much work goes into preparing interviews / meet the author etc etc, and it's very time consuming.

In addition to all that, I will soon be entering the editing phase for Guardian Angels and Love Bite - so - that takes up even more time.
Why am I mentioning TIME so much?

Well, if you remember from a previous blog, I have a deadline I'm working towards for the first book of a new trilogy - Book 1 of the Cambion Journals - The Rage of Augustus.
That book is due for submission in December 2012.
Sounds a long way off?
Well, as more experienced authors and editors will tell you, that's not long at all, especially with promotions, tours, advertising AND EDITS queuing up, one after the other....
And - it's not just a question of "finishing" the first draft either.
You have to read through it again, and re-draft it.
Then you polish it, so it's close to what you want.
Then you have it proof read.
Then you tweak it again!
THEN you send it to your Publisher...
And don't forget...
I'm also pottering along with "Fairy Tails" the sequel to my first release...AND, there's "Fallen Angels", book 3 of the Guardian Series! (Although with that one, I'm very fortunate. Book 2 is in with Ruby Lioness Press already, so it gives me time to put it on a back burner until after the initial Cambion book is completed.)

So - what's happening now?
As you can see - quite a lot! (And you still get the sense your "waiting" for something to happen!) ha ha - seriously! - ask any other author, they'll tell you the same...
I like to think of my life as a cocktail at the moment.
1 part excitement - 2 parts anticipation - 3 parts frustration - 4 parts rushing around getting umpteen background things done when it all starts - Shake well, then add 10 parts coffee (with a dash of alcohol on particularly frustrating days) and knock it back in one...ta-dah!

Next time...(And this is one for aspiring authors in particular).
The joys of editing (And why you know anyone who wants to be an editor must have escaped from an asylum).......YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE....... Oh yes!... stay tuned....


  1. You said it all. Add that with all the routines of daily living and if you have a family with demanding children...oy vey. But it sounds like you've got an excellent handle of things. A clear path to follow. Best wishes on your releases!!

    1. Thank you Sheri - multitasking is my forte (but makes my fragile brain hurt) :)