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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Publishers Can Be Good for You

Hi Everyone - As I mentioned last time, I'm going to talk about how - IF you have good publishers - they will help you develop as an author.

Remember, my 1st work - the one I spent months and months putting together, adjusting, refining, tweaking, etc etc was in fact Guardian Angels....Book 1 of the Guardian Series.

When I'd completed that work and was looking for a publisher, I got on with the 2nd book of the series, "Guardians" and had virtually completed it when I found Ruby Lioness Press.

What I discovered was quite amazing - and not every publishing house does what they do.

From time to time they have a Call for Submissions - NOT just advertising the fact, "Oh Hi, we're open for you to send it your manuscripts". No, every publishing house does that.
What I liked was the fact that - Ruby Lioness Press - have regular calls for THEMED Anthologies.
For example:
If you look on Facebook or the Ruby Lioness Press site under notes - you will see - this year alone - they have had the following calls for short stories:

Love Again - Valentines Anthology
Love Down Under - Spicy Spring Anthology
Under the Mistletoe - Christmas 2012 Anthology
Melting Hearts - Clearwater Anthology - (eg, all stories are set 'in' Clearwater)
Bewitched - Halloween Anthology

Although these calls are open to everyone, Ruby Lioness Press have their own Authors Group - a very closeknit support network. The owners, Angie and Marissa call it - "The Pride".
Through the group, they actually encouage us to "go for it", to try something outside our normal comfort zone.
Me? I'm very comfortable about coming up with anything Sci-fi/Fantasy. But outside that?? Let's just say - it increases my "pucker factor". (some of you will get that!)

Now, each of these are open to different genres. As a new author I thought, "Oh, I like the idea of that Halloween one" and had a go. The result was, in fact, Fairy Tail. A Paranormal (erotic) thriller.

Now you might think, - "well done"! But hang on a second.
Remember, I'm a new author and I'm still trying to find my feet, trying to understand what the Publisher wants.
With Fairy Tail, I got the balance slightly wrong. They were looking for a certain 'mood' or 'feeling' for the anthology, and Fairy Tail is - how can I say - very 'Gritty'. Its got quite a punch! And its mood didnt fit what they were looking for.
However, although it wasnt suitable for inclusion within the anthology, I was very kindly offered a contract to release it as a stand alone short story.
Wow! - So my third attempt at writing, ended up being my FIRST published work!
And for the discerning reader, its now available on Amazon!
Okay - I thought - right, I'll have another go then! I adjusted my perspective, and submitted another short story - "Love Bite" for consideration. A Paranormal Thriller.
I'm pleased to say, that story looks as if it will be included within the anthology. (Thankyou Angie/Marissa).
Now - think about how good that will be for me as a new author.

My first - and - how I think of them "main" projects, relate to the Guardian Series. Guardian Angels is not due for release until August 2012.
I have alot of advertising in place for that series. It's prepared - ready to go - and I'm quite comfortable about how it should be received.
BUT - I'm still new.
So, by taking part in these other anthologies - it's not only helping me to "think" in other ways - to create stories I wouldn't normally have considered, but - its promoting me to a different reading group too!
For example.
Fairy Tail is being advertised through various other sites and PR sites
During June 2012, there are a number of events taking place organised by Marissa Dobson, Co owner of Ruby Lioness Press, and owner of Sizzling PR . com
Readers of other genres will not only be made aware of Fairy Tail, but obviously, looking at my site - they will discover the Guardians.
When the Bewitched Anthology is released - little old me (a new author) will be in amongst some very well known established authors! Their readers will discover "me" through Love Bite... Do you see? It will attract other readers to my stories who I would otherwise have missed.

So, as you can see, just from this little example - a good publisher like Ruby Lioness Press will help you develop as a writer, and help you get promoted in ways you hadn't dreamed of.

Thank you!

So, what eles have I been encouraged to do?
What else is in the pipeline?
Thats for next time - see you then...

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