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Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Pipeline

So, what can you expect to see from me over the coming months and next few years?

To make things simpler, I'll group my projects together into themes.

The Guardian Series - epic sci-fi/fantasy.

Book 1. Guardian Angels - is due for release August 2012, courtesy of Ruby Lioness press.

Book 2. Guardians - is safely with Ruby Lioness Press. (Watch this Space!)

Book 3. Fallen Angels - Is under construction, (slow time) to give the Publishers time to plan schedules and assess the timely release of the series as a whole.(IF my applications are successful) 
(And also to allow me time to complete other projects)

Book 4. Phoenix Rising
Book 5. Phoenix
Book 6. Unification
Rough planning in progress to ensure a solid journey towards the resolution I envisaged when I developed the concept all those years ago.

Love Bite - Paranormal Thriller. (Short Story)

Part of a forthcoming Ruby Lioness Press "Halloween Anthology" due for release in 2012.

Cambion Journals Series - Paranormal Fantasy Thriller

Book 1. The Rage of Augustus - concept provisionally accepted by Ruby Lioness Press. Due for completion December 2012. (Watch this Space) - I'm quite excited about this new series. Thanks to RLP - again - for encouraging me to submit the pitch.

Book 2. The Kiss of a Succubus - Formatting in progress
Book 3. Embrace of the Incubus - Formatting in Progress
(What do you think of the Cambion Journals Logo I recently created?) Ooooh - I know! ha ha

Fairy Tails - Erotic Paranormal Thriller. (Short Story)

The sequel to my first release. I'm taking my time with this as I want to ensure I capture the same gritty pace, blunt, down to earth humor and steamy 'alternative' scenes.
I love getting into the mood of this project - a small piece at a time. I treat it a 'stress relieving escape' to a reality I'd love to be in...
I know - I need therapy. hee hee.

Bits & Bob's

I'm busy enough - but that doesnt stop me putting together ideas for other short stories. I cant help it.

For example, I was watching the the History Channel on Discovery only last month, and a story came up about the Lost Legion of Rome, the 9th, who vanished in the borderlands of Northern England & Scotland around the year 117AD.
That Legion has been the source subject of a few films, The Eagle and Centurion, as even now, no one knows what happened to them...
And they never will, until you get to see the Steam Punk/Time Travel concept I'm developing to explain where they went - and why! (watch this space)

On top of that - I'm keeping a look out for a few Themed Anthologies that might come our way, as well as trying my hand at a few (slow time) short stories in other 'newer' genres to help me continue developing as a writer - (Although, if they are successful, I will write under a pen name to keep my 'name' firmly linked to what I want to become known for)...

Thats about it for now. Enough to keep me busy eh?
Next time - What's going on in my life 'NOW'?

See you then.

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