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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Evil Returns - And So Does Its Bane

Will evil prevail or will Augustus step up and assume the mantle of The Despoiler?
Only time will tell in
The Cambion Journals - Embrace of the Incubus
The Rage of Augustus
They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

Whoever they are, they’ve never met Augustus Thorne.

Born a Cambion—half-demon, half-human—and cursed with a terrible hunger he can barely control, Augustus hunts and exterminates any Incubi and Succubae he can find.

His life is spent searching for the foul scum who raped his mother, Augustus’s own father.

Driven by rage, his quest leads Augustus through the centuries and around the world until fate suddenly hands him his heart’s desire.

Things are not as they appear and the revelations Augustus uncovers are mind boggling. When he finally corners his father in London, events take an unexpected twist.

Is revenge served upon a bed of scalding rage?

Discover the awful truth in Book One of the Cambion Journals: the Rage of Augustus.

Kiss of the Succubus

Having survived the double-cross planned by Samael, the demon king, and Fanon, his own spawn-father, Augustus Thorne is trying to come to terms with his lot in life. Both Fanon and Agamemnon, the king’s assassin, are dead. But also gone is the only woman Augustus has ever loved, driven away by the dangers his lifestyle brings.

Augustus doesn’t have the luxury of dwelling on what might have been. An insidious new threat has emerged, one that exposes humanity to a danger unlike anything they’ve ever faced before.  

Stumbling upon a mysterious woman who appears to be the only other Cambion he’s ever met, Augustus discovers he doesn’t have to face the threat alone. Has he met his soul mate, or is she too good to be true?

Augustus much watch his step, unsure who else might want him dead. The story continues in The Cambion Journals: Kiss of the Succubus.

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