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Friday, May 15, 2015

Embrace of the Incubus

What has gone before?
The Rage of Augustus
Augustus Thorne is a Cambion, an Incubus/human hybrid cursed with a hunger he can barely control.
All he has ever wanted is to be able to lead a normal life: To meet someone, fall in love, settle down, have children. Sadly, the simple pleasures that everyone takes for granted are denied him, because of what he is.
Fated to feed from humans, plagued by desires that threaten to turn him into a monster, he has channeled his self-loathing into a quest for revenge. For over two hundred years, Augustus has hunted and executed every demon he can find. And he has done his job well, for he is both despised and feared within the demonic community.
However, there is one Incubus in particular Augustus has always yearned to meet: The one responsible for attacking his mother in the first place! The one responsible for the years of anguish and suffering that have followed!
His own hated father–Fanon!
For centuries, his father has managed to elude him…until now! Fanon has grown careless, arrogant. His blatant disregard for moderation has allowed Augustus to track him to a suburb of Los Angeles where a disproportionate number of women–all fitting a similar profile–have died in recent weeks.
Hoping to spring a trap, Augustus travels to that location and lies in wait.
However, other players have a stake in this deadly game.
Fanon’s carelessness has brought his actions to the attention of the demon governing body, the Chapter. Shocked that Fanon is unashamedly disregarding one of their strongest taboos–that of concealing any hint of their presence from the humans they live amongst–they dispatch members of the Forge, their warrior elite, to eliminate him.
Not realizing this, Augustus springs his trap, only to discover that he has stumbled upon the assassination squad at work. During the battle that follows, Fanon arrives to witness the devastating prowess of his hybrid son.
Horrified, Fanon flees the scene, beginning a chase that leads Augustus across a number of major European cities. During that Pursuit, Augustus not only inches ever closer to his loathsome father, but he also unearths some shocking discoveries!
It would appear his mother’s misery was not a simple case of sheer bad luck, or of being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Incredibly, Augustus uncovers hints and references to indicate his birth may have been planned!
Delving into those secrets, Augustus discovers a whole different world, hidden in plain sight! One that not only makes him as much of a target as his father, but a source of hope to many others too! And it is these ones in particular who astonish him, for they are from among the Demondim! And they live by a strict code of honor that strongly appeals to his own rigidly enforced guiding ethics.
Amazingly–while all this is happening around him–he also meets an incredible woman, Colleen Wolfe, and falls in love!
With so many things to consider, Augustus has to reassess his life. While trying to balance his new priorities, he unwisely agrees to a truce with his enemies. Some do indeed act with integrity. However, others–and especially the demon king–make plans to answer the threat they feel his presence represents.
And all the time, behind the scenes, the diabolical influence of Fanon continues to foment disaster.
The story ended in an abandoned warehouse in London, the venue of a rave. Thinking he is going there for an evening out with a human woman, the first person he has ever allowed himself to fall in love with, Augustus is taken by surprise. Almost too late, he discovers just how deeply both his father’s and the demon king’s treachery runs, when both make a play to promote their own agendas.
The climax occurs when the warehouse is blasted apart by the arcane energies unleashed during a fight to the death between Augustus, Fanon, Agamemnon–supreme warrior of the Forge–and a crack team of his Forge assassins.
Who lived?
Who died?
We found out in…Kiss of the Succubus.
Kiss of the Succubus
Having survived the double-cross planned by his own spawn-father and the demon king himself, Augustus is trying to come to terms with his lot in life.
Both Fanon and Agamemnon lay dead, but Augustus feels hopelessly lost! Besides his mother, he has only ever loved one woman in his long and lonely life. He has only ever lowered his guard…once…just once, and allowed someone to get close.
And now Colleen is gone. Driven away by the very real dangers his lifestyle embodies.
Alone again, feeling bitter and resentful, Augustus eventually forces himself out of his self-imposed hiatus to put the new knowledge he has learned to use.
And not before time!
An insidious new threat has emerged. One that exposes humanity to a danger the likes of which they have never faced before! One that would see them reduced to the status of cattle in a worldwide meat-market.
However, it would appear fate is at last smiling upon Augustus.
On his very first undertaking back into his violent life, he stumbles upon a mysterious woman, Marissa. She is a true force to be reckoned with! Augustus watches, amazed, as she dispatches a number of demons with consummate ease. And no wonder! For Marissa appears to be the only other Cambion he has ever encountered!
Quickly joining forces, they set out to make Samael pay for his deviousness!
However, all is not as it first appears.
This so-called Cambion is, in fact, a genetically altered Incubus. An impostor dispatched by Samael to breach Augustus Thorne’s defenses and defeat him in a way no other can! Not by strength, but by guile!
Unaware of this, Augustus begins to sow the seeds of a new relationship, whilst delving into the latest secrets he has unearthed. He hopes this knowledge will help expose further details about his origins as well as assist him in neutralizing the emerging threat. However, the deeper Augustus digs, the more startling are the facts he uncovers.
It would appear Samael’s schemes were centuries in the making. When first proposed, those plans raised concerns as to the wisdom of his choices, and doubts as to his fitness to rule. A secret faction arose within Demondim to oppose him. Through that faction, the seeds were sown for a remarkable savior. A Despoiler, capable of utilizing the power of the three bloodlines to overthrow the fallen angel and his Paladin!
The deeper Augustus delves, the more a disquieting realization becomes apparent. He might be this foretold Despoiler, for circumstances indicate a great deal of planning and forethought went into the selection of all those involved in his spawning, both human and demonic!
Keeping this information to himself, Augustus seeks to unearth the specifics that will help him understand his place in things. But in doing so, he is maneuvered into a position whereby he must work ever more intimately with Marissa. It is only inevitable they draw closer.
This is exactly what Marissa craves, for behind the scenes, her accomplices have been searching for the descendents of a very particular bloodline. One from whom they hope to extract a rare poison to use in their machinations against Augustus.
Events progress in tandem.
A chance meeting unexpectedly rekindles the spark of love between Augustus and Colleen Wolfe. They are overjoyed by this reunion, and this spurs Augustus to learn more about his heritage and the incredible power this will grant him.
Sure enough, when his senses are enhanced even further, Augustus becomes aware of a third layer of reality in which additional revelations have been secreted away. Delving into them, he learns of the existence of ancient artifacts he will need to successfully fulfill prophecy. Amazingly, it is within this realm that Augustus also discovers the presence of the Ar-neter–Elemental Guardians–created at the dawn of time. They not only safeguard the fragile balance between the heavenly, demonic and human realms, but also exist to prepare the way for the Despoiler’s coming.
Marissa also makes headway in her endeavors. Managing to secure the extract she needs, she plans the perfect way of lowering the defenses of her target. Things appear to be progressing smoothly, until the newly returned Colleen Wolfe threatens to ruin her scheme. Unwittingly, Colleen has made herself a target!
Meanwhile, Augustus realizes his only chance of fully understanding his capabilities, and discovering the location of the artifacts he requires, lies within the halls of the greatest source of Demondim law and knowledge on the planet: the Great Library, housed at their second city, Damascus, a huge fortress-like edifice built beneath the mountains.
Wreaking havoc, he destroys that city’s defenses, lays waste to its defenders and obtains the information he desires. Full of the sense of victory, he returns home with his guard lowered.
Seizing the opportunity, Marissa manages to ambush Augustus and, using the poison, renders him helpless. Preparing to murder Augustus, she is thwarted at the last moment by Colleen Wolfe, who lays down her life to save him.
The story ended in bitterness and pain.
Interring Colleen beside his mother within the Tau-rus, the living force that binds all life together, Augustus vows revenge. His power is growing daily, and he teeters on the edge of fully realizing his potential. Woe betides any who fall into his clutches!
Samael walks the halls of his ravaged city. The death toll is alarming, as was the ease with which the defenses were overcome. Appalled, he is forced to raise his greatest paradox–the Paladin–from slumber. For while the Paladin represents a lethal threat to Samael’s schemes, this true Cambion is the only force in existence capable of standing against Augustus!
Thus, the scene is set for the finale.
Will the Paladin succeed where all others have failed?
Will Samael secure his position as undisputed ruler for all eternity?
Will others embroiled in this nightmare see the culmination of their desires?
Or will Augustus succeed in achieving his destiny, and at last, end his relentless campaign of revenge and hate?
Only time will tell, as we enter the final chapter of the story in:
The Cambion Journals–Embrace of the Incubus.
Don't miss out on this epic conclusion

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