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Friday, May 15, 2015

Embrace of the Incubus - Cover Reveal

Augustus Returns -
Out Now

The Cambion Journals

Embrace of the Incubus

Devastated by the loss of Colleen, and enraged by the treacherous cunning of King Samael, Augustus Thorne decides he has suffered enough. In a stunning reversal of roles, he dares to embrace the full might of his Cambion nature, and accepts his role as the 'Despoiler' recorded in prophecy. Taking the fight deep into the heart of demon territory, he wreaks terrible destruction on all who cross his path.
Driven by dark fury, and feeling he has nothing to lose, Augustus invites certain death to ensure the reign of Samael is crushed, and the breach between realms is sealed once and for all.
But others still have a pivotal role to play in this endgame, and things may not be as they first appear.
Is the world of mankind safe, or doomed to slavery?
Wait and see, as the story reaches its dramatic conclusion in...
Embrace of the Incubus.
Don't miss out on this epic conclusion

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