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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Early Reviews For The IX

Make This Superb, Sensational, Spectacular Story Into A Movie Please!, January 27, 2015
This review is from: The IX (Kindle Edition)
Maximum aggression is what you get when you bring together three elite groups of warriors from three different time periods under the Eagle of the Ninth Legion. Take these warriors, soldiers, and war fighters, along with their enemies, and place them at a time and place in the future to pool their talents and resources to try to save a more advanced civilization from perishing. Excellent plot, you will definitely feel like you got an episode of Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Annals of Military History, past and present, fused into one tremendous, free flowing, fast moving, action packed, thrilling, exhilirating, breathtaking, roller-coaster, epic confrontation of good versus evil.

The writing is superb. The characters are well developed, and you definitely care about the outcome of the various groups of combatants involved in this story. It's 451 pages long, so even if you are like me, a really fast reader who wants to get from page 1 to page last as soon as possible, I don't think you should read it that way. Slow down, enjoy the journey, and deal with the people you meet, the problems they face and must overcome, and identify the characters who are most like you. Do you see yourself in the roles of one of the various leaders, or are you a mystic with a vision that will unite the tribes?

Let me finish with a few superlatives. It's only the end of January, but let there be no doubt that I seriously do not anticipate reading a better book in 2015. This book has it all. It crosses genre-boundaries, has characters who you can despise, characters who you can love, and characters who you wonder whether or not you could tolerate / stand them / put up with them very long in real life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this magnificent book. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Weston in the future. He clearly has quite a clever mind that is able to bring his background knowledge about the military and law enforcement to form a harmonious relationship with his creative talents.

This one is a must-read for 2015. Obviously it's five stars, and anyone who enjoys scifi, fantasy, military, humanity at its best and humanity at its worst, will enjoy this book. I've got to say that I think all people from age 12 to age 100 will find this book enormously entertaining. This book definitely should be made into a movie. I would cast Denzell Washington as Marcus Brutus, Prime Centurion of the first Cohort of the Ninth Legion of Rome. Oh, Marcus is my favorite character in this book, since he's a lot like me. Who will your favorite character be?
Deserves the highest rating I can give., January 28, 2015
This review is from: The IX (Kindle Edition)
There has been much debate about the fate of the Ninth Roman Legion (the IX) which disappeared from historical records around the year 108. In his excellent new novel, author Andrew Weston gives us his take on what befell the legionnaires and what use they made of their specialized knowledge in the time following their mysterious disappearance.

An entire civilized world faces destruction at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable enemy. An enemy that spends the lives of its forces so extravagantly there seems to be no intelligence behind it. To combat this ravening force the Ninth, along with Native Americans, ancient Caledonians, American civil war fighters and 21st century armaments experts are snatched from Earth and transported to this beleaguered world to help find the key to understanding and destroying the enemy.

As a premise it’s exciting enough, and the writing certainly doesn’t disappoint. There’s tension, confusion, action and suspense aplenty. Yet the strength of this novel, in my view, rests in the characters Weston has created. It’s impossible not to get involved with them; from the events prior to their being snatched from the familiar and dumped into chaos, to their struggles to understand, through to their determination to use what skills they possess to aid the strange civilization that “saved” them. The IX is a tour de force and Weston’s skills as a writer and plotter are plain for all to see. I’d definitely recommend this book for all lovers of great and exciting fiction, regardless of genre.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary advance copy of this novel and am happy to give it an honest and unbiased review. I truly believe it deserves the highest rating I can give.
If you love heroes, military history, January 26, 2015
This review is from: The IX (Kindle Edition)
If you love heroes, military history, science fiction and fantasy or metaphysical adventure, this is the book for you. Warriors from the past, present and future are recruited at the moment of death and snatched away to fight in a far future against an implacable enemy. The IX (pronounced The Ninth), a real Roman legion who went missing in the first century AD, are among those taken, along with American Indians, Civil War fighters, and 21st century commandos. The story is deep, compelling, the science and history sparkles with clarity, creativity, and insight. But the characters are the great draw in this story, a grand step forward in military sf and fantasy. You'll be on the edge of your chair for the climax of this major novel by an amazing, polymathic new talent. Five stars because there are no more to give....I'll be one of the first to tell you: "Buy this book."
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