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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recent Reviews

I just thought I'd share some recent reviews from those who were kind enough to leave their views on Amazon

Guardian Angels


(i) A good read for all sci-fi fans ,once you start you cant stop reading . one of the books that worth
to be a film..cant wait for the next one since this leaves you very intrigued.
Overall a very good job , keep up the good work (5 star)
(ii) We purchased this book after meeting the author's wife on Kos Island. The story grabbed us from the first page and kept our interest all the way through. We read, on average, 3 books each per week and not many are hard to put down but this one was. We thought that the characters were well drawn and became interested in them and what will happen to them during the series. The detail / explanations of events through this book were well written. We eagerly await the second installment. (5 star).
(iii)  I loved this novel and cannot wait for the next installment. It hooks you in and keeps you there so much so that you wont want to put it down. Definitely a must read for the fantasy genre! I hope if the author reads this you keep up the good work and the next book will be out soon. (5 star)


(i)This short story is a quick and easy read that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The author leads you through a detailed adventure across the jungles, inspired by his own life in the military. His knowledge and experience really shine through and make you feel like you're struggling beside him in the jungles. The supernatural aspects of the story are just as thrilling. There are a group of panthers fighting as a pack and picking off the soldiers one by one, and a beautiful exotic woman that seems to show up at just the right times. This story has it all. Action, suspense, a little lusty romance, and an ending that you'll never see coming. (5 star)
Thank you - kind readers - for your encouraging thoughts. Authors love to receive feedback, and I for one am happy to know my work is hitting the right note.
Andy W :)

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