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Friday, October 19, 2012

Nothing to do at Halloween?

Here's two to get you in the mood


Once every few hundred years, the Blood-Moon rises on an unsuspecting world. When it does—the very stuff of myth and legend comes to life.

He was sixth generation military, his path laid before him by his family. To secure his spot in the elite British Special Forces he found himself up against one of the harshest environments known to man. It is here that he will face an ancient horror.

What do you think might happen when nightmare becomes reality?

Fairy Tail

For the third year running, a ritualistic serial killer has struck in the week leading up to Halloween, leaving a gruesome and bloody trail in his wake.
It’s the same every year. One murder every day, until his quotient of seven has been reached. Butchery doesn’t begin to describe what happens to those he gets his hands on. Then the killer vanishes – only to return twelve months later as merciless as ever.
When he does resurface, he appears to strike randomly and at will. It cannot be established exactly how the killer selects his victims, or why. As such, the detective leading the case is no closer to discovering the identity of the ruthless predator than he was when the slayings began.
It’s only when the detective gets an unexpected break that things get interesting…
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