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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review

The Cliff

By: Christie A. C. Gucker.
Three lifelong friends who grew up together form a bond that is as close as 'real family can get'.
They make a pact - to always be there for each other 'no matter what.'
Two make a pact in secret!

The Cliff explores what happens when pacts are made and broken - when an uneven love triangle is formed - and the turmoil this can bring to even the most longlasting and apparently stable of relationships.
Do former loyalties have any influence whatsoever when jelousy and revenge rear their ugly head?
I must admit. I approached this story with a little trepidation. I am simply not 'into' love stories...(Yes...I'm a guy!) ha ha. (Wuthering Heights & Twilight aside).
So, what did I discover in 'The Cliff'?
Firstly, I liked the realism. How often do you find kids growing up together forming bonds that can last a lifetime? How often do you discover that those bonds hide a secret longing? That the different parties involved want to be with one of their 'friends' forever? They are their perfect match. BUT - for whatever reason, they refuse to act on their feelings. How many of us have been...'there'!
Years pass, kids grow up and become young adults. Circumstances have changed so two of them try to take the first steps into a new and wonderous place, only to have bitterness and rivalry bite them in the ass when hidden jelousy rears its ugly head.
The inevitable 'tit for tat' ensues, and we discover the realism of vulnerable emotions experienced during a new relationship. Lust, excitement, delight - pain, stubborness, possessiveness and hurt when suspicions are raised.
(And 'oh don't we over-react sometimes before the full picture is revealed?)
A rollercoaster ride follows as three worlds literally do experience the peaks and troughs of victory and dispair.
Secondly, I enjoyed the humor injected into the affair. You'll see what I mean - especially when you get to the part with the 'telephone' call which really shouldn't have been taken while two of the main characters were...'otherwise' engaged.
I was also drawn to the 'chocolate theme! (Again - you'll see!)...I'm sure many memories will be invoked there :)
Finally - I think everyone will love the ending. But I'm not going to give that away...
Well done Christie! It's plain to see a great deal of thought went into this tale. It is engaging and fast paced and it will be one of the few love stories I will look back on and say 'I enjoyed that one!'.

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