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Friday, March 2, 2012

Starting to Look for Literary Agents/Publishers.

I will keep this brief as there is a glut of information about this on the internet.
So, I'll tell you what I did to save time.
I did complete quite an extensive bit of research on the internet as to what to look for and what to expect from an agent and/or a publisher. - And, what they should/shouldnt do.
With an agent, you have to weigh the pro's and con's of getting one in the first place.
Are they well known? Who is on their books? What success rate do they have? Are details available so you can research and contact the authors they represent?
Obviously, the better known the agency, the more established their track record, the higher your chances are of finding a publisher, as they will know exactly where to look.
BUT - if you do want an agent, what about any costs involved, (as more and more do appear to expect some form of fee) - and if they dont, what percentage of your profits do they expect?
IF you do decide on pursuing an agent, try to find one who specializes in your genre, and one who has a proven track record of not only finding quality publishers, but who is known for supporting their authors too.
TIP: Looking for new agencies who are hungry for quality work may help you get your toe in the door faster than usual.
At this stage, make a shortlist to research at your leisure as you complete your book - AND - look for those who are agreeable to you continuing the search yourself.
There are quite a few sites on the internet that list what awards various publisher have won through their authors.
That is an excellent indicator to the standard of work they handle.
Out of that list - look to see what publishers handle your genre - or even better - specialize in your genre.
Are there any new publishers on the block who are expanding their lists?
Once you have your list, begin to research them - and whatever you do - look carefully at what they expect.
Some only accept contact via agents, others don't mind a direct approach.
Some don't mind multiple submissions, some don't mind so long as you tell them, others expect your exclusivity.
Play ball, you will benefit in the long run.
Thats it for now - next time we'll take a look at what you do as you complete your manuscript

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