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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Handling Rejection

I'll try and explain this in a way that makes sense.

If you are one of the few who have actually spent the time, energy, and passion to sit down over a period of months and months - (possibly running into years) to complete a novel - Then Well Done!
Without a doubt, you are special.
They say everyone has a book in them. But not "everyone" will sit down and actually do it.
YOU DID, so you belong to a very select crowd.

However, on joining this select crowd, you will find yourself at the beginning of a pain filled journey faced by every other author who made it to this point.
Say hello to the world of "Rejection". So - prepare yourself for it, because it's going to happen.
And I stress - not might, not possibly - It will happen.
So how can you prepare? Simply, by doing several positive things.
1. Expect to be rejected from the word "go", and,
2. Give your work to others to read.
There are plenty of offers on the internet from individuals/companies/consultants/writers groups etc etc and who say they will give you honest feedback. Consider them.
If you have a wide circle of acquaintances from professional backgrounds, ask them to tell you what they think. And ask them to be honest.
Listen to what all these sources say, and if it honestly makes sense - use that information wisely.
If a common theme begins to develop - take it on board and make adjustments.
Refine your manuscript as much as you can, so that what you submit is the very best it can be, then send it to those agents/publishers you have selected.
And finally,
3. Expect to be rejected. - (Am I emphasising this enough?) - Remember J K Rowling I mentioned in the other blog?

If you do these simple things, when the rejection letters start arriving, you will be in a positive frame of mind to deal with them.
Remember - Some Agencies and Publishers won't even grace you with a reply! Seriously!
Of those that do, there will be two main types.
1. Standard rejection - "No thank you, this is not for us" bye bye (Or very similar).
2. However, some publishers will give you a reason why they rejected your submission. If they do, take serious note of the reasons, collate the information, and make use of it.

Whatever you do - Make use of it.

Many, many special people who have come this far give up at this stage, and as such, many, many promising careers are cut short because they could not handle the rejection.

So, don't give up. Keep trying, keep adjusting and refining your story as much as you can, and keep applying..... Someone out there is waiting to say "Yes".
And while you wait, just think of those publishers and agents who said "No" to the aforementioned Ms Rowling! Sorry if I keep mentioning her, but "my oh my" I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at the companies who turned her down when she suddenly struck the big time. Wouldn't you?
What's that line from Pretty Woman...."Big mistake, Huge!"

If you give up, you'll never know.
BUT, if you keep trying, one day someone might say that about you!

Hope this helped - even if only a little.

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