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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breathing Life Into Your Project.

I have always believed in a simple concept. If you are going to do something, do it right - do it well!
You're going to devote alot of time and energy to a huge project. So you do not want to waste time, or find yourself running out of steam part-way through.
So preperation is the key.

Okay, so I had my concept. I would be writing about a Global Emergency Service. They would have futuristic technology and special powers. (A kind of blend between Thunderbirds and the X-Men).
Questions: What do the emergency services actually do? For me, part of that was easy, I had served in the military and police - I knew the dynamics involved of attending various emergencies and what you have to think about for specific incidents.
BUT - I had only observed the Fire Service at work - I had only observed the more advanced applications of Emergency Medical Care. I needed to find out HOW they responded to certain incidents and WHY. What did they have to consider? What were the difficulties and hazards they had to contend with.
That took a while - to gain certain operating procedures - (But it was worth it later).
Okay - How would I now stretch those operating procedures into a futuristic organisation? What equipment would they have? What could it do? What was its limitations?
If I touch on areas of science and medicine and mechanics - what is our current level of understanding? What is currently being developed? How can I "logically" stretch that into a futuristic concept and "keep it real"? How can I make the theoretical aspect become accepted as the norm in the story?
Then of course, I have to add in their special abilities!
What abilities would they have? How do they get them? How do they develop? What are the limitations of each ability? How can the "user" strengthen the abilities they have? How would they be trained?
Talking of training...
What training regimen would have to take place to qualify someone as a "Guardian".
How many years? What would they learn? When? Where? How would you blend the physical side with the psychic - and add in the enhanced education required to operate futuristic technology?

Do you see the planning I had to do? And I was nowhere near the writing stage yet!

Having got this far, I had to be realistic. If the Guardians were too "super-duper" they would be boring!
Oh, a meteor is threatening earth. Yeah, done that, next! Oh, a passenger jet is crashing - yawn, fixed it! B-O-R-I-N-G.

So, I had to ensure they had "realistic" strengths and weaknesses and an operating procedure that is based on sound principles. It would make them fantastic - but "fallible" too. They could be beaten.
But this presented another hurdle.
Okay, I've got this global emergencyservice who are raring to go...BUT
How would I introduce them into society? When would I do it? What have they been doing up intil now? Where? What is their history? How did they start? Just how did the 1st Guardian come about?
See the problem? - So it required yet more planning to give them their own genesis and history.

Combining all these things together with all the notes and idea's I had put together over the years added a necessary depth to my concept that breathed life into it. It was hard work - but it was essential.

Then I was almost ready to begin writingI had my concept - the foundations were in place - what blueprint would I follow? Ah - a blueprint. We shall look at that next time.

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