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 This is One Secret Victoria Will Never Know!

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Deadly Secrets

I DO like it when I can make an instant connection to a storyline. And as soon as I saw the blurb to S.C. Fisher’s Deadly Secrets: Base Fear, it took me back to my childhood. One where I lived in a genuine, real life, haunted house . . . and years later, after joining the military, the happy times I spent yomping all over the Brecon Beacons in atrocious weather.

See if you can pick up a similar vibe:


There is something wrong with the house. Something far beyond creaking floorboards and woodworm.

Ordinarily, Paige Daniels embraces the challenges that come with having a parent serving in the military. However, when her family are posted to the sleepy Welsh island of Ynys Mon, Paige discovers that their new quarter comes with a grislier history than most.

Plagued by an unknown entity with a malicious streak, Paige must join the pieces of a decades old puzzle if she hopes to save the ones she loves...machines?


There’s an old adage that shows its true value here: Write what you know.

And it’s obvious that S.C. Fisher ‘knows’ Wales and the military way of life very well. You can see that in the terms and expressions she uses throughout the narrative. And that’s a good thing, as it adds a simple realism to her story that helps you connect to what’s going on. You’re there with the Daniels family as they endure the drudgery of yet another move; the tedium of having to unpack and settle in, again; of having to find their feet in a familiar (military) and yet, unknown new community with its own way of doing things. And we can all relate to what’s it’s like, getting a ‘feel’ for your new house. . .

But when that house possesses a well known – only whispered about – secret that can literally come back to haunt you? Ah, THAT’s another thing entirely, as the Daniel’s family start to find out on their very first night there.

The question(s) is/are: If people know what went on there, why don’t they speak openly about it? And why do the military allow new families to move in when it’s obvious conditions there aren’t right? Because, when events escalate from things that go bump in the night to actual physical harm? Well, something’s gotta give!

Deadly Secrets; Base Fear. A refreshing example of how to write a paranormal thriller.

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