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Saturday, April 25, 2020

My Review of. . .

Twilight of Dragons
Our heroes are in trouble.
Having lost one of their number during the escape from the dwarven slave mines, they long for the simple pleasures of the sun on their faces and wind in their hair. But such pleasures are hard to find when you’re heading in the opposite direction, and trekking ever further underground.
But why on earth would they do such a thing when there’s nothing to stand in their way?
Because they’re heroes, that’s why. And the dragons are free, spreading death and fiery destruction upon the descendants of those who locked them away, so long ago. And nothing can stop them celebrating their liberty in an orgy of violence. . .
. . . Or so it seems.
Longtime enemies face off. Unlikely alliances are made. Old scores are settled, while new ones are kindled. Ancient magicks are unleashed. Unearthly powers come into play.
And all the while, a dark peril lies forgotten. Yes, a thousand dragon eggs are nearing maturation, awaiting the catalyst that will give rise to a new reign of terror.
How do you prevent an apocalypse when the world is coming down around your ears?
Find out, in this spectacular, action-packed saga filled with heroic deeds, traitorous scum, and sinew rending battle scenes. It won’t give you a moment’s rest. The pace really is that exhilarating, setting off at a sprint and maintaining its momentum until the breathtaking finale.
What I particularly liked about Twilight of Dragons is the fact that it takes a series of unexpected, sometimes heartrending/sometimes welcome turns as it nears the end. I’m usually a jammy so and so at working out the plot and guessing how things will turn out. So, when I’m taken by surprise – which doesn’t happen very often – I love it.
So, accept the challenge. Turn the first page and enter the quest. Death and glory await you, toasted in your enemy’s blood.
Awesome fun!

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