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Monday, April 13, 2020

Absolute Genius. . .

The Genius Plague

In this time of outbreak and self-isolation, what better way could there be to spend your day than by reading a story highlighting just how bad things could be if the virus creating havoc around the planet right now was driven by an inhuman intelligence, hellbent on survival at our expense.
The Genius plague, by David Walton, does just that. In this case, using an insidious fungus as the catalyst for mayhem.
Neil Johns is a down-to-earth kinda guy who has just landed his dream job by following in his father’s footsteps as a codebreaker for the NSA. Meanwhile, his brother, Paul, a research fellow and mycologist, nearly dies in an unprovoked terrorist attack while of a field trip to the Amazon jungle. When Paul eventually makes it home, it becomes apparent he’s a changed man. Different in ways that can’t be explained rationally.
The thing is, Paul’s not alone. Other people throughout South America are changing too. Not only does their cognitive functioning become off-the-charts strong, but no matter who they are or where they’re from, they all begin working toward a common goal. One that becomes increasingly aggressive and dangerous as time goes by.
Of course, these events come to the attention of the NSA, who has to devise an appropriate response.
What that response is, you’ll find out in a skillfully crafted, fast-paced and engaging story that will insinuate itself into your mind until you can’t fight the urge to read ‘just one more chapter’. It’s intelligent, subtle, and compelling. Timely too, revealing just how ignorant we are of the potential surrounding us as we go about our self-centered lives.
And the thing I especially liked about the Genius Plague? It has the appeal to make you think . . . 
What if?

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