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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Wishmaster’s Scaretale
All Hallows Eve,
When the veil drops and endless forms most beautiful come out to play.

But be careful what you wish for.
I ride the crimson tide in the deep blue sea of your unsettled dreams
Where I savor the faltering cadence of your last breath,
An exhalation to treasure in my dark chest of wonders.

You want your tears back?
Then you should know,
That those who invite the Reaper in never live to tell the tale,
For your soul is a sacrament to the wilderness of my nymphomanic hunger.

This is one of those forever moments,
Where you’ll traverse the River of Shadows of all Doubt
And in the imaginarium that exists on this night alone,
You’re as good as dead to the world.

I translate strange dreams into reality.
Come join me this Halloween in the place where neverwhere meets neverwhen. You’ll be amazed at what lies within…
(Main image attributed to unknown artist)

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