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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Can You Feel The Chill In The Air?
A phantom from your nightmares,
I am a fallen star,
Don't ever try to flee from me,
You know you won't get far,
Yes, Winter may be coming,
So dark and dank and fell,
But you'll be nice and cosy,
Down here, with me in hell.
A roasting and toasting and turning on a spit,
Yes everyone can hear your screams, but no one gives a s**t!
If cold-hearted cruelty and suffering galore sounds like your ideal bedtime reading, then we can make your every night wish come true. Tuck yourself away with the latest despicable offering from Janet Morris' Heroes in Hell universe...You'll be glad you did.
Hell Bound - Coming October 31
Press the Pre-release buy link to reserve your copy
(Logo within main image attributed to Nightwish)
 (Main image attributed to unknown artist)

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