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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Hell, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

In 1986 we experienced hell on earth, as Janet Morris’ award winning and critically acclaimed Heroes in Hell universe arrived. Since then, the series has gone from strength to strength.
Just look at the pedigree of the series as a whole:

Heroes in Hell                                                                                                                 The Gates of Hell
Rebels in Hell                                                                                                                  Kings in Hell
Crusaders in Hell                                                                                                            Legions of Hell
Angels in Hell                                                                                                                  Masters in Hell
The Little Helliad                                                                                                            War in Hell
Prophets in Hell                                                                                                              Explorers in Hell

And in recent years
Lawyers in Hell
Rogues in Hell
Bridge Over Hell
Dreamers in Hell
Poets in Hell
Doctors in Hell

Over the years a whole host of quality writers have contributed to the endlessly expanding mayhem in which some of the most despicable characters in history get their just desserts.
The latest addition to the fold – Doctors in Hell – introduced us to Satan’s chief bounty hunter, none other than the Reaper himself, Daemon Grim.
You may be interested to know the Grim Reaper will be appearing in his very own Heroes in Hell adventure – Hell Bound
But be advised, Grim isn’t someone you’d ever want to cross.
He can’t be tempted or reasoned with. He doesn’t feel remorse or sorrow. And you’ll never see him express a shred of sympathy for those he’s sent to reap.
He’s a coldhearted hotblooded executioner who has never lost a mark.


I do hope so...after all, you wouldn’t want to annoy the very epitome of death on two legs.
Press the pre-order link below to secure your copy of a lifeline you might desperately need.

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