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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The IX

An Unexplained Mystery No More

"The disappearance of Rome's Ninth Legion has long baffled historians, but could a brutal ambush have been the event that forged the England-Scotland border?"
asks archaeologist Dr. Miles Russell of Bournemouth University, UK.
Have you ever pondered that question?
What on earth could have happened to one of the most efficient fighting forces ever to exist?
A legion was a mighty edifice. More than 5000 strong, they were a self-contained mini civilization on the march, capable of building an entire fortification at the end of every days march in which to sleep soundly.
And yet, the Ninth marched into the swirling mists of Caledonia, circa AD100 - 120
(estimates vary -  which is an enigma in itself)
and were never seen again.

Well, wonder no more

Roman legionnaires, far from home, lost in the mists of Caledonia.
A  US cavalry company, engaged on a special mission, vital to the peace treaty proposed by Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln.
A twenty-first century Special Forces unit, desperate to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.
From vastly different backgrounds, these soldiers are united when they are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing. Thinking they may have been granted a reprieve, imagine their horror when they discover they have been transported to a failing planet on the far side of the galaxy, where they are given a simple ultimatum. Fight or die. Against all odds, this group of misfits manages to turn the tide against a relentless foe, only to discover the true cost of victory might exact a price they are unwilling to pay.
How far would you be willing to go to stay alive?
The IX.
Sometimes, death is only the beginning of the adventure.


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