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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The IX

Alternative History Science Fiction of Tomorrow

Are you fed up with the same, stale, old-style of Science Fiction?

Do you crave the stimulus of an epic that crosses genre boundaries whilst tackling the challenges of alternative history?

If so, you might like to avail yourself of the #1 international bestseller - The IX, a pleasing blend of historical fact and fiction, metaphysics and theoretical science that crosses genre boundaries and is taking the world of speculative fiction by storm.

Just look at what readers and reviewers are saying about The IX


This Dark Matter
The author’s knowledge of military history and his speculations about what might have happened to the legendary Ninth Roman Legion have led to an amazing trip through time and space to a world where things are not ever as straight-forward as they seem. 

Black Gate Fantasy
The IX has taken me back to the books I enjoyed in my youth (Jerry Pournelle's King David's Spaceship or Gordon Dickson's Hour of the Horde) It flows wonderfully. There's constant motion,& Weston takes the story in unexpected directions that are intriguing & fun.
If you're in need of some fast-paced storytelling, lots of action, & an army of characters drawn from Earth's past and future, The IX should serve you well

Geeks in High School
What is astounding to me is with so many characters and multiple threads of characterizations and historically important behavior and linguistics, I never, ever felt lost or confused. I am officially blown the hell away.
The Forbidden Fruit
Weston’s The IX is a masterful combination of blissfully minimalistic writing and the advanced complexity of a superb science fiction novel, indicative of Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart and James Dashner’s The Maze Runner. Instead of forty pages of waiting for the characters to figure out what we already know, we get a solid few that imparts upon us the same amount of affection and pride for our characters - without frustrating us to the point of skipping to ‘get to the good part.’ With Weston’s writing, the whole novel is the good part. The pace moves rapidly, with the intelligent dialogue and well-choreographed action allowing us to progress with the plot while also connecting us with the characters.


A brilliant and amazing synthesis of military, horror and far-future science fiction
THE IX is a fast-paced historical military science fiction adventure in the grand tradition of Robert A. Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Janet Morris, and Joe Haldeman. Old-school science fiction with a 21st century sensibility.

I gotta say, The IX fascinated me. What a great way to explain the disappearance of thousands. And what a world the author built. The plot for The IX is mind blowing. The author gives you many sub plots, plenty of history, and an amazing world to explore. He was able to make this all flow easily. You’ll fly through this in to time.

The writing is superb. Ever read a book and see the entire story play out like on the big screen. Except for not being too sure what those nasty Kresh looked like, I could see this in vivid color and detail. Imagination is a wonderful thing, as is this author’s talent.

Action takes the fore in this adventure which encompasses military, historical, science fiction and fantasy. The characters are varied, at once both complex and simplistic, and often surprising. Death stalks the pages, but his companions are loyalty, courage and dignity. Well written with twists and turns, and a rather unexpected ending.

Within the first few pages, I understood why everyone is talking about the IX, a technical balance of history and a future so imaginative, it's almost like magic.

A fun and enjoyable read! The concept is unique, and the book is clear, well paced and extremely visual. Weston has an excellent grip on both history and military strategy, and I enjoyed seeing both come together as well as they did. If you are a fan of fantasy, military history, this story is well worth your time. I would absolutely recommend it.

This book contains it all; military history, science fiction, heroes, warriors, adventure. The IX is deep, thought provoking and insightful Weston is a gifted story teller and has a fabulous career ahead of him. The world he created was described in such as way it felt real and like I was right there in it. Bravo.


These are just a few of the comments that The IX has amassed.

If you like your science fiction fast paced and gritty, full of realistic action and dark humor in the face of overwhelming odds, then The IX is definitely the epic for you.

Fans of Julian May’s “Saga of the Pliocene Exiles,” Robert Heinlein’s “Have Space Suit, Will Travel”, and Jerry Pournelle's “Janissaries Series” will love this tale. It combines the divergent elements of the past, present, and future, and blends them together into a slick and stylish package that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.

The Must Read Science Fiction Adventure of 2015.

Sometimes, death is only the beginning of the adventure...

Find out for yourselves why...


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