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Monday, June 22, 2015

What the Hell is Happening on Goodreads?

Only just released, and already the latest diabolical collection of fiendish tales from the Heroes in Hell universe is a boiling hot cauldron of success.

But is that any wonder?
For Satan has ordered the deepest, darkest corners of the underworld purged of the unworthy, and the infernal doctors seem hell bent on their own agendas rather than obedience.

Such rebellion can only lead to mishap and mayhem aplenty, followed by their inevitable punishment. Rest assured:

The diagnosis is murder
And their medicine will be a bitter pill to swallow

Follow the link for your personal self medicated prescription
(Just the tonic on a dark and stormy night)


  1. Andy, hope you're enjoying your trip to Hell, with the Reaper on your left and teh Ripper on your right...

  2. Its enough to give anyone nightmares :)