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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doctors in Hell

From the Heroes in Hell shared universe of Janet Morris
Remember this Name
Daemon Grim
Those consigned to hell, stay in hell.
But what happens if dissatisfied denizens disagree?
Dr Thomas Neill Cream is one such character.
Consigned to eternal suffering in 1892 following his death by hanging for a series of murders, the Lambeth Poisoner was a narcissistic sociopath who used his skills as a backstreet abortionist to purge the dregs of 19th century London with an élan that was as clinical as it was merciless.
His proclivity was best expressed by his habit of poisoning his victims, and then staying to watch so he could enjoy the prolonged misery of their slow and painful deaths.
Although welcomed into the underworld with open arms, Cream couldn't accept the fact that in a place like hell, he'd never be top dog.
So, he'd done something monumentally stupid in an attempt to boost his standing. Something resulting in the dispatch of Satan's chief bounty hunter - the Reaper - Daemon Grim.
How do things turn out for the unworthy doctor?
Find out the prognosis for in - Doctors in Hell
(Out Now)
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