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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The IX - Reviews

What do the experts say about the IX?
The author deftly weaves the horrors of the Horde stealing human life-essences, with the beauty of his prose and imagery. I was right there, on Arden, while reading. Action-packed through every chapter, the story unfolds as former enemies are forced to learn how to trust each other, to trust the visions and experiences of those who walk the spirit-world, and to share information. I highly recommend this book to fans of SF, horror, and fantasy.

The IX has taken me back to some of the books I enjoyed in my youth, such as Jerry Pournelle’s King David’s Spaceship or Gordon Dickson’s Hour of the Horde (where humans are drafted into a galactic war against a horde of space weasels!).
The IX flows wonderfully. There’s constant motion, whether by parties exploring the abandoned countryside and facilities of Arden, or scouring through old records to find anything of importance that might help them eke out a victory. With faltering resources and the emergence of a heretofore unseen intelligence guiding the Horde, Rhomane’s defenders know they must move to win quickly or face extinction.
There’s a lot more in The IX that I’m not mentioning at all. Weston took the story in a few very unexpected directions that were intriguing and fun. Because of that, the book could actually serve as the jumping off point for a series of new stories. If that happens I’d be very interested to see what he does next.
So, if you’re in need of some fast-paced storytelling, lots of action, and an army of characters drawn from Earth’s past and future, The IX should serve you well. It’s available at all the usual places in paperback and e-book.
That's what the experts
If you like your science fiction fast paced and gritty, full of realistic action and dark humor in the face of overwhelming odds, then The IX is definitely the epic for you.
Fans of Julian May’s “Saga of the Pliocene Exiles,” Robert Heinlein’s “Have Space Suit, Will Travel”, and Jerry Pournelle's “Janissaries Series” will love this tale. It combines the divergent elements of the past, present, and future, and blends them together into a slick and stylish package that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.
The Must Read Science Fiction Adventure of 2015.
Sometimes, death is only the beginning of the adventure...
Find out for yourselves why...

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