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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poetry Acceptance

The Fib Review - Muse-Pie Press

I woke up to some lovely news today.
One of my poems - Coastal Surf - has been selected for inclusion within the next edition of the Fib Review, part of Muse-Pie Press.
I am particularly pleased to have been selected, as the Fib Review contains some rather unusual poems.
The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical series of numbers, in which every figure is the sum of those preceding it. 1+1=2 / 1+2=3 / 2+3=5 / 3+5=8 and so on.
The significance of a Fibonacci poem lies in its adherence to that sequence, while retaining poetic value, e.g., can you tell your story, whilst limited to a short, restricted framework?
It was great fun to take part in, and is something I will definitely continue to explore in the future.
If you want to see previous examples, go to the link in the side bar and take a look.

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