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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I don't know about you, but I've had rather an interesting week.
Quite a few things have happened to keep me busy.
Lara DeLuca had a cover release for her debut works...(Destiny and Destiny Unveiled). Tara Chevrestt had an absolutely blistering time on Amazon during a 'Free Giveaway' campaign with 'Mating Instinct'. Christie Gucker is busily gearing up for the release of her latest novel, 'The Purple Heart'. And on top of all this, there are other little preparations going on within Pagan Writers Press we're all looking forward to as well.
And me?
I received my latest manuscript back from Beta readers and finished the final edits, so I could get Fallen Angels in for the 2014 schedules.
All in all, a busy week.
But, as enjoyable as these things were, it was something else that got me thinking.
During the week, we received an inspiring little 'pep-talk' from the publisher.
It touched on various important points, and one of them made me stop and really think.
Especially the word, Grow!
I'm new - So, am I continuing to learn from my mistakes so that I can grow as a writer?
I'd like to think so. When I look at my first effort now, I've got to be honest...I cringe! Seriously.
When I then look at work I've just submitted, I think...Yeeha!
(I do my best to apply the points my editors/publisher have raised in the past, you, in that way at least...I know I'm coming along.)
Happily, I don't forget to say 'thank you' either, for all the help I've been given.
BUT, it was something about that word 'grow' that made me ponder.
It made me ask myself a question. "Is my creativity increasing? Enlarging, expanding into something else? Propagating into more than just - as my wife likes to remind me - 'sitting at the computer all day and typing'?
Thankfully, I can say a heartfelt...yes!
Since being accepted, I've been actively encouraged to express my creative side.
Not only within my actual writing itself, (its depth, timbre, landscape), etc, but in other important ways too!
Looking back, I can see how, out of the blue, I began delving into other things I used to do that fell by the wayside over the years. Drawing, sketching and...wait for it...poetry!
(Yes - the burly ex Cop/ex Marine said poetry).
So, what I guess I'm trying to say is... "Thank you" to everyone at Pagan Writers Press, who HAVE helped - and are continuing to help - little old me, bring out his creative side once more.
And although I hope to be on the "Best Sellers" list one day...
I'll never forget my roots, and the team that helped me get there.
(Who knows, I may even hit you with some poetry!)

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