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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Deliciously Magical

This week I'm really happy to introduce you to a great short story from someone I've highlighted on my blog before - Tara Chevrestt.
February 1st saw the release of "Mating Instinct"

It's Valentines Day. When Ariel receives a mystery package she wonders what on earth it could be. Opening the present, she discovers she has been sent some incense by a Pagan friend, along with a note...
"This is what you need"
Deciding there'd be no harm in trying the incense out, Ariel lights one of the sticks.
From the moment the smoke releases its magic, mayhem of a rather - 'rampant' nature - ensues, and the lives of Ariel, Hugh and their little companions - Lula, Pupsi & Eleanor are changed for.....
Aah, you'll have to read this hilarious little story yourselves.

You'll find it at Amazon - KDP Select

Tara is a deaf woman, a former aviation mechanic, writer and editor. Happily married, Tara believes she has the best job in the world. To find out more about Tara and her books, go to the following links.


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