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Thursday, September 13, 2012

This weeks Highlighted Cause

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Emergency Services. I'm very happy to announce my very first blog covering some of the worthy causes/services being brought to my attention during the promotion of my 1st major novel - Guardian Angels.

As you know, I will be supporting all of you in the emergency services who face danger each and every working day by highlighting the hurdles you face, the obstacles you so often have to overcome to get the job done, and sometimes, the hidden dangers you face too.

It is my aim to ensure two such cases are highlighted every month.


This weeks highlight:

Firesmoke Coalition

Between 1997 and 2006, there were 30,564 fire deaths and 151,575 injuries attributable to fire. Only 1% of those represent burn injuries. The leading cause of fire death: SMOKE Inhalation.
The mission of the Fire Smoke Coalition is to focus the required attention and resources on the deadly and life-long consequences of breathing fire smoke by teaching firefighters and first responders how to Prevent, Protect, Detect, Diagnose, and appropriately Treat the exposure if it occurs. The Coalition is comprised of firefighters and the medical community – all who embrace the challenge of teaching firefighters how to stay alive – and prevent the disease, illness and death associated with today’s deadly fire smoke.

Please aquaint yourselves with this worthy educational and life-saving message and SPREAD THE WORD.

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