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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review

Ashley Rae - Not My Mother: A Memoir
Not My Mother: A Memoir
I'm sure most of us have heard that saying, "All life's a stage".
That was brought to my mind as I enjoyed this thoroughly absorbing memoir by Ashley Rae.
Her style of writing is remarkably open and honest as it absorbes you into the stark realities of her early years. By the age of twelve, Ashley had survived incest, child abuse, and the deaths of both her biological parents. Although born into a family of Baptists and raised by Buddhists, Ashley never started to find peace and healing until she adopted a different spiritual path altogether as a Pagan while working towards her college degree and starting the career of her dreams.
You might be forgiven for thinking her trials were over. But, Ashley went on to loose her job, start a new relationship, and then discover she was pregnant with another man's child all in the same week. Terrified of cesarean surgery, Ashley vowed to give birth to her child outside of the hospital environment. But first of all, she had to find a home!

Alternately absorbing, disturbing, moving, humorous, and heart-warming, Not My Mother: A Memoir, follows a period during Ashley's life that proves "never giving up" has its rewards. Being determined to make the best of life, and to become the mother she had always wanted for herself, Ashley has succeeded in leaving the past behind and now lives for the future.
A very rewarding 5 star read

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