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Friday, February 24, 2012

Here's a little bit about Guardian Angels:

Synopsis of “Guardian Angels”

The unbelievable survival of a small boy at the scene of what should have been a
tragic fatal accident, marks the first of a number of miraculous, near
impossible interventions around the globe that not only save thousands upon
thousands of lives, but also heralds to the world the startling revelation that
“Guardian Angels”, blessed with extraordinary powers and incredible technology,
do exist!

The euphoria this generates is so potent, that it serves as a catalyst that
actually starts to motivate society to begin uniting behind them, and looking
to the future with a real hope.

However, not everyone is pleased at the discovery of their existence.
There are those in power who believe them to be a hidden threat, and so, many
governments initiate clandestine operations within their borders, with the goal
of acquiring “gifted” individuals of their own to counter the danger they feel
these newcomers represent.
The criminal underworld too is absolutely horrified by their presence, as they feel
it will spell an end, not only to their activities, but their whole way of
life, and none more so than the “Council”, a highly secret and extraordinary
assemblage of gifted psychic criminals, who have carved out a global empire by
the misuse of their abilities over many, many years, and who see the Guardian
Angels as a direct threat to their ambitions, and an anathema to the power and
influence they wield.

Early confrontations ensue, that clearly reveal the Guardian Angels to possess vastly
superior skills and abilities, and because of this, someone with a great deal of reach decides to plan a very public revenge

Will the fairy tale end before it even begins?

“Guardian Angels” is a powerful and compelling story about the catalyst that could at
last, galvanize everyone, everywhere, to put aside their differences and look
towards the future with hope.

Sadly, it also reveals how fragile such a spark of hope could be.

Guardian Angels - dedicated to the real life heroes in our Fire & Rescue, Police &
EMS services who face danger each and every day

Supporting Fallen/Injured Fire Fighter, Police & EMS Charities & Causes - USA
Supporting Dream-A-Way Charity - UK

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