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Saturday, December 5, 2020

 See Why I Got Into Such a Spin About. . .


I am, and always have been, a science fiction & fantasy buff. I love the genre, as it allows you to experience a whole lot of fun in a vast universe where anything is possible. On those rare occasions where I fancy something else to read, I tend to lean toward John Grisham and Tom Clancy.

So, imagine my delight when I realized one of my favorite authors – David Walton – had written a book incorporating all three – sci-fi action/techno-wizardry/courtroom drama – of those elements. (Eureka springs to mind.)

For those of you who might be reading this review from my blog, (and not a purchase page including the blurb), here’s a quick peek into what to expect:


Jacob Kelley's family is turned upside down when an old friend turns up, waving a gun and babbling about an alien quantum intelligence. The mystery deepens when the friend is found dead in an underground bunker…apparently murdered the night he appeared at Jacob's house. Jacob is arrested for the murder and put on trial.  

As the details of the crime slowly come to light, the weave of reality becomes ever more tangled, twisted by a miraculous new technology and a quantum creature unconstrained by the normal limits of space and matter. With the help of his daughter, Alessandra, Jacob must find the true murderer before the creature destroys his family and everything he loves.

So, having prepared yourself for what’s in store, get ready for the reality-twisting ride of your life. The story arc is delivered in a clever series of ‘hops’ between the court case, and those events leading up to/during/immediately following Kelley’s trial. But are we skipping backward and forward in time (in a before and after scenario), or has David Walton thought of an even more imaginative way to present the narrative?

Yes, there are clues about what you’re going to read in the title; the blurb; and what it says at the beginning of each chapter. It’s a great idea, and one that gives that little extra boost to an already fascinating premise. I loved it! The murder-mystery intrigue starts from the very beginning; the pieces of the puzzle are carefully laid out; and then quantum physics jumbles everything into a gripping, fast paced adventure of possibilities that maintains the suspense factor throughout. You really don’t know what might happen until the very end.

For those of you who enjoy an addictive whodunit played out in a cross-genre playground, then Superposition is the book for you.

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