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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

My Thoughts On. . .

The Last Sun
Rune St John is the sole surviving heir to a former great house of New Atlantis. But he’s also a man hiding a secret shame that can never become public knowledge. Because of this, he’s also something of a maverick. A loner, who – along with his bodyguard and companion, Brand – now makes ends meet by working as a freelance private eye in a city full of scions and unimaginably powerful deities.
When Rune is hired to search for Lady Judgment’s missing son, Addam, he assumes he’s been given just another ordinary assignment. But as he begins to question Addam’s relatives and business associates, any semblance of normalcy soon disappears. Even worse, it seems Rune is too good at his job, because his investigation attracts the unwanted attention of creatures that shouldn’t exist. Creatures who would see him dead, and aren’t in the least bit fussy as to how they go about trying to achieve that end.
The problem is, he can’t give up! Some of the clues he unearths hearken back to the fall of the Sun Court, and the skeletons in the closet from his own past that he is only too willing to kill to keep.
It’s inevitable that things quickly go from bad – to weird, to macabre – to worse, leading Rune to question what the hell is really going on, because there’s no way this is a simple abduction.
I’ve got to say, K. D. Edwards has done a marvelous job. Employing an innovate – and I must stress, rather cool magical system – The Last Sun is set in an alternative world where the legend of the lost city now lives on in modern-day New Atlantis. Clever. It’s familiar enough that you immediately connect to the environment, yet so unusual, you can’t help but be spellbound by the mystical elements. Just the ingredients you’d expect in a quality fantasy romp. An engaging narrative; down-to-earth – and often cynical – humor; and a pleasing interplay of characters, help the story fly past. And it does!
You don’t need a full deck of Arcana to know what the future holds. Trust my Judgment. I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Sun, and I’m sure you will too. So, the Devil with Temperance! Jump in your Chariot or shuffle down to your nearest bookstore or online retailer and deal yourself a Sun, Moon and Star of a treat.
You’d be a Fool to miss it!

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