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Friday, January 3, 2020

My End of Year/New Year Thoughts on. . .

The Dragon Engine
Five war heroes and longtime friends set out on a quest to the Karamakkos Mountains in search of the Five Havens, long-abandoned dwarf cities of yesteryear that fables say still contain untold wealth, and treasures possessing uncanny powers.

The thing is, old wives tales change with the telling, and you can’t put faith in outdated stories that might be founded, more on wishful thinking than on a modicum of truth.

Shaky foundations don’t stop our intrepid five, though, who learn to their cost how quickly drunken promises and fiery resolve can turn to ash. Not long after they set out, their quest turns into a litany of anguish and misadventure, and their lives are changes forever.

Do they live to tell the tale?

This is the first Andy Remic book I’ve read . . . and it won’t be the last!
Filled with lusty deeds; heroic drinking and feasting; villainous scumbags you’ll want to throttle the life from; bone crunching, bloodthirsty battles; adult humor; and language ripe enough to make a drill sergeant blush, it’s like a night out in the filthiest dive on the wrong side of town with your Viking and Klingon buddies.

A frothing tankard of mead, and a well-worn battleaxe of a tale that will give you a definite hankering for carnage on a truly epic scale.