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Friday, November 22, 2019

This Week's Review Of. . .

We Are the Dead
For longer than most people can remember, the Shulka – Jia’s invincible master warriors – have kept their nation safe from the ever-present threat represented by the Egril, a savage race they know hardly anything about.
Then one day, the unthinkable happens. The unbeatable are swept aside like chaff, and an invading army the likes of which is impossible to count, sweeps into Jia, wreaking havoc and destroying everything in its path.
Our story follows the lives of some of the refugees as they set out to make their mark and reclaim their land. Some are soldiers; others resistance fighters; most are normal folk doing what they must to survive. All are united in their hatred of a brutal, despicable foe that looks on them as nothing but chattel to serve their purposes and die.
This is no fairy tale. It’s a lesson in endurance and doing what you must to survive until the next day.
I had absolutely no problem immersing myself within the pages of this book. It’s excellent stuff. Riveting. Engrossing. Compelling . . . and a wonderful introduction to what I’m sure will be an epic series.
Bravo to Mike Shackle – if you continue writing adventures like this; you’ve got yourself a lifelong fan.

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