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Friday, March 8, 2019

This Week's Reviews Of. . .

Gilded Cage

In Gilded Cage, we are introduced to two British families living in an alternate timeline where society has become divided between those in the minority, who are magically skilled, and the vast majority who aren’t.

The thing is, the ‘Skilled’ retain all the rights and privileges and rule the country with an iron fist. The powerless serve them, and are not granted full citizenship until they complete ten years enforced labor in one of the many ‘slavetowns’ dotted throughout the country . . . IF they survive ten years, that is, for the rules are there to be bent, broken, and twisted to serve the ruling elite as they see fit.

In place for centuries, the ‘system’ is corrupt, inhumane, and unfair. It has to end.
The people want change. The Skilled, however, have every intention of keeping things the way they are.

Or do they?

As pressure grows in a boiling cauldron of dissatisfaction and dissent, it’s obvious something’s got to give. Secrets are uncovered. Schemes are plotted. Promises made and broken. Yes, hope and betrayal go hand in hand. You need to pick a side. But the consequences of choosing the wrong one could be disastrous.
“Gilded Cage” – a superbly written tale of magical misadventure that will have you rooting for the underdogs from the outset.

The Equalizer 2

Hailing as I do from the UK, I grew up with Edward Woodward’s portrayal of the original Equalizer. A guy who evens the score for those in desperate need of help, but who don’t have the resources or skills to manage themselves.

When the newer version came out, starring Denzel Washington, I was a little apprehensive of what we were going to get. No need to worry there, though! I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed his portrayal of Robert McCall in a more up to date setting.

Now to the sequel.

 I desperately wanted to enjoy it. I really did. However, I found my enjoyment spoilt by the fact that things got a little ridiculous. It misses the “believability” factor the first film captured so well. Yes, we’re talking about a work of fiction here. The portrayal of primitive justice meted out to much deserving bad guys. But the idea of a group of highly trained mercenaries running around a town – abandoned temporarily – during a storm, who kill anyone in their way to get at McCall . . . I don’t know. It just stretched it little too far to retain the credibility that the first film managed to achieve.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s great fun. Denzel delivers a robust performance that starts pulling you in the moment the action starts, But . . . well, you’d have to watch it for yourself to see what I mean. The film lets him down.

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