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Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Review of. . .

Good Omens
Plans for the apocalypse are well under way and – according to the most accurate guide to the future in existence: the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (written in 1655) – the world will end next Saturday . . . just after tea.
Things really do look dire. Except, someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist. And the angel and demon who have been keeping an eye on things since mankind were evicted from Eden? Well, they’ve become rather comfy with the way things are. And as they countdown continues, mayhem on an earth-shaking scale begins to unravel their best laid plans.
As familiar as an old pair of gloves; or perhaps the walking boots you’ve used for years.
That’s what it feels like to read this gem of a story from two of the most eccentric writers you will ever meet. Inventive; out there; wickedly funny; heavenly.
A superb recipe for disaster. I didn’t stop grinning from beginning to end.

Daredevil – Season 3
After a number of TV flops, Marvel returned to Netflix earlier this year with their best (in my opinion) superhero. (Jessica Jones being their only other quality show). And from the outset, we find Matt Murdock on the receiving end of more blood, bruises and moral dilemmas than ever before. A surprise, you might think, especially with The Hand now seemingly out of the equation.
However, this allows the attention to be focused squarely on an old nemesis: Fisk. And it is here that Daredevil manages to encapsulate a gripping level of gloriously realistic and moody balance that makes the show so compelling to watch.
Softly spoken; quietly introspective; explosively lethal. Fisk reminded me of Hannibal Lecter, especially in the manner he is able to influence all around him, even when locked down and guarded 24/7. And when the fists do fly, it is as intensely vicious, soul-sappingly exhausting as ever. And no wonder, for Fisk – aka, the Kingpin – has set out to ruin Daredevil’s life in a way previously thought unimaginable. It’s the manner Fisk’s schemes play into the plot that provides some of the new story's finest moments.
A sound supporting cast littered with new characters adds weight to an already sound plot. And as Matt Murdock slips further and further into the morally gray quagmire that is vengeance, you can be sure the slow burn that builds and builds through each episode will have an explosive finale.
The thing that did it for me? The old superhero premise of “endangering or hurting the ones you love the most through your actions.” As you’ll see, that doesn’t only weigh heavily on Matt, but on Fisk too. (An interesting twist). And it really works!

A pity Marvel couldn’t capture the mood of Daredevil (and the aforementioned Jessica Jones) and transpose it into their other Netflix offerings. And an even greater pity that, despite the show’s success, some executive hotshot-in-the-head thinks it needs to be cancelled. 

(Madhatter’s tea party invites are on the way)

Need I say more?

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