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Sunday, December 11, 2016


Like many other people, I finished watching the first series of Westworld earlier this week, and I've got to say...I was impressed.

I remember being entertained by the original, where Yul Brynner wrought havoc across a wide swathe of the Western adventure park, trying to run down his victim. And while I thoroughly enjoyed that 1973 original, THIS is something completely different.

Provocative. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Dark menacing.

The new rendering is all that and more.
I love storylines that make you work and keep you guessing. Even better if they can catch you by surprise along the way.

The cast - in my humble opinion - did a marvellous job in portraying the inevitable turmoil you'd expect to take place if anything like this really existed.

Super-advanced synthetic androids struggling with the process of becoming aware through the experiences we humans take for granted ...and so often waste.
And what about those human beings - arrogant and superior atop their lofty perches - refusing to see the obvious because..."It just isn't possible! That can't happen!"

Backbiting. Politicking. Hubris.

It's all there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first series and am looking forward to where the second series takes us. (And I do hope we get a twist with Ford showing up - somehow).
You'll see...

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