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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Surprises in Strange Guises

This past week I've enjoyed some rather unexpected fun

I recently started watching The Expanse on Netflix. I liked it so much that on a rare week off, I binged a bit and ended up watching all ten episodes of the first series in very short order.
(Damn you Netflix for making it so easy)

What a great series. It's a kina Whodunnit in space set 200 years in the future in a fully colonized solar system. By that time, there's a bit of an inevitable frictional divide between Earthers, Mars - who are very militaristic - and The Belters who live, work, and often die out in the far reaches of our own system on space stations or inside asteroids.
The story starts innocently enough when a Ceres cop (Joe Miller) is given an assignment to find missing socialite Juliette Andromeda Mao.
Meanwhile, the ice trawler, Canterbury, is involved in what people believe is a tragic accident and explodes. With me so far? Good...
Because - it's NOT an accident. What happens to the Canterbury was quite deliberate. And it's not until the series starts to evolve that you realize everything is linked to a massive - and deadly - conspiracy that could destabilize peace talks between Earth, Mars, the Belt, and more.

And no, I can't explain more otherwise it would give the game away. HA!

Think of a semi Blade Runner setting. It's futuristic, but the tech is identifiable enough you can instantly relate to what's going on.

I love the Joe Miller character.  He's a petty thief born in the gutter who dragged himself up to become a sharp detective whose nose for investigating ends up getting him in trouble. (You'll see). Fred Johnson is another one to look out for (The Butcher). An ex UN Marine colonel who is now Chief of Operations on Tycho station and the man responsible for overseeing the construction of mankind's first ever starship.
(But where - exactly - does his allegiance lie?)

A superb example of how good mystery/drama science fiction can be...
Try it - you won't regret it.

(And now I have to wait until 2017 for series 2) Grrrr

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