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Sunday, October 2, 2016

September Roundup

Well, another month is over, and despite a heavy reading and writing schedule I still managed to unwind with a number of appropriate diversions.

Whats old?

You know the score. This series has been out for years and I never really had the inclination to watch it...until know. (Thank you Netflix). looks like I'll be binging this until the cows come home. I love the style/self commentary, and the constant tone of menace he manages to portray in everyday situations. It's early days - but I'm a fan - this is an absolute killer of a series...
(I know, don't cringe)

What's new?

I've been looking forward to this since Jessica Jones, and I'm glad to say, although I only started watching on Friday, I wasn't disappointed. Glad to see that Netflix gave Luke his own unique tone and style. Can't wait to see how things develop.

And for a spot of light reading...

A short poetry collection that covers a wide range of topic in a very skillful and evocative way.
Try'll be glad you did.

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