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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Latest Responses to the IX Series

I'd like to share some pretty encouraging responses to both The IX and Exordium of Tears.

One - a review - came from Netgalley:
Very cool concept. Lots of action and battle sequences that are well done. Quite a few characters and all of them are fleshed out nicely. We get to know and care about every one of them and feel invested in their struggles. The story itself begins as a straight forward band of misfits all brought together to make a last stand against a formidable horde, but, evolves from that simple premise into something more unique and interesting. A few nice twists and turns as we barrel towards the finale make for a very rewarding finish and a heck of a fun book.

The other came from Princess of Light in a Book Spotlight:

All in all, an encouraging week - especially as both books of the series have been ranking well.

On a personal note:
I received my new Kindle - at last - and can get back to read & reviewing.
First on my new list is a book I've been waiting for:

The Golden Sword - Part II of the Silistra Quartet.

There's lots of great reading out there:
I know what I'll be doing next week. Do you?

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