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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

High Praise for Hell Bound
Released only days ago, Hell bound is already creeping into the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. Just look at some of the comments made by early reviewers:
The author of Hell Bound, Andrew P. Weston has an appealing way with words. He paints written word pictures like a master.
HELL BOUND is an exciting, uproarious, tour of the underverse in the company of the illustrious Daemon Grim, he who performs soul-reaping duties on behalf of His Satanic Majesty. When not out and about in the performance of his duties, Grim enjoys pleasant passionate interludes with the beauteous Inquisitor Strawberry Fields, and an animosity of eternal duration with Hellegal' s own much-feared Undertaker.
Andrew Weston' s luxurious prose keeps the dimensions spinning, and the underverse vividly delineated.
An excellent mix of film noir imagery with sophisticated writing that dares the reader to slow down, savor each word, and slowly become immersed in this very real depiction of our own reality and that which exists beyond the veil of death. A true example of writing that elevates the reader's own appreciation and expectation for the genre of urban fantasy.
If this were not reason enough to delve into the despicable delights that the underworld has to offer, it may interest you to know that Hell Bound is already climbing the Goodreads charts as well, and has the distinction of appearing in the top five in more than fifteen different categories...
AND IS # 1 in five!
Incredible – and all thanks to you – my fantastic readers and supporters.
Thank you so much
So, if a corrosive blend of blood, gore and haunting screams sounds like your ideal nightmare reading, press the buy link below and avail yourself of the latest chapter in hell’s history.
Unlife will never be the same.
Hell Bound
In hell, none of the condemned believes they deserve to be there. And that’s fine, so long as they’re not foolish enough to try and do anything about it. For those that do, there’s always Satan’s Reaper–and chief bounty hunter–Daemon Grim.
Feared throughout the many layers of the underverse, no one in their right mind dares to cross him. However, when Grim discovers that someone has attempted to evade injustice, and seems hell-bent on gaining access to ancient angelic artifacts proscribed since the time of the original rebellion in heaven, circumstances point to the fact they may be doing just that.
The question is...why?
Thus begins an investigation that leads Grim throughout the many contradictory and baffling levels of the underworld, where he unearths a conspiracy that is not only eating its way like a cancer through the highest echelons of Hellion society, but one which threatens the very stability of Satan’s rule.
As you can imagine, Grim’s response is bloody, brutal, and despicably wicked.
In hell – everyone can hear you scream.

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