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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poetry Acceptance

The Screech Owl

Well, what a week I've had.
It began with a marvellous acceptance for a very special piece of poetry I completed earlier this month.
It was followed by a pleasing surge of creativity that allowed me to get up to 40k on my new project.
And when I got up today, my in-box contained an email from the editor of 'The Screech Owl' stating that five of my poems have been accepted for publication.
(If you've never seen a sleepy guy doing cartwheels around the living room - you just haven't lived. Anyway - More on the release when I have the details)
I'm particularly pleased to be accepted by Screech Owl, as they are a site and magazine devoted to the best poetry, prose and short stories you can find.
Check them out on the link within my side bar under breaking news.
And of course, a big Thank you goes to the staff and editors at The Screech Owl...
(Now, where's my celebratory vodka and cheesecake?) 


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